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TOPICS discussed include: Midwest, dying for your country, violence is not the solution, why do they hate America?, COINTELPRO, mood in Pakistan, civilian casualties, food and bombs, false histories, US foreign policy, capitalism, power, ego and money, aggressiveness, money and war, US military

katy: hello there, how are you coming along?
wildi30: what happened thay fall asleep
(private message deleted)
wildi30: i think so
katy: if anybody knows how to make a sound.... maybe try that!
wildi30: that would be mean
katy: kinkda... but, i think they've only got 6 or so hours left!
katy: kinda
wildi30: oh well the thought that counts
katy: this is true...
katy: how long have you been on today?
wildi30: just got on
katy: and they were asleep?
wildi30: yes but i found someone worth talking to anyway
katy: i stayed on last night until around 4:30...
katy: that's good!
wildi30: where did you say you were at
(private message deleted)
wildi30: no I’m in Iowa
(private message deleted)
wildi30: about the same as always
(private message deleted)
wildi30: small towns small minds
(private message deleted)
wildi30: most people in the area are
katy: it seems as though, iowa is one place where 'the american dream' ideal
is still a tangible thing... they have visited me down here and seem quite
(private message deleted)
wildi30: i know what you mean i still live here but i dont think like most
katy: i suppose that there are some areas (ia city) that might be a little
different (i hope)
wildi30: you said you lived in carlisle right
katy: i've reluctantly described my recent visits to iowa as "bubble-like"
everyone's white!  (except for the downtown area, of course)
katy: right... my other family lives in des moines and w. des moines.  what
city do you live in specifically?
wildi30: ic is a little more liberal but it has to be
katy: but, because of that "bubble" atmosphere,  i feel as though the
majority of that population really has a skewed view on politics...  is this
alright to say?
TheMatrix©: hi : )
(private message deleted)
lbrunello: ciao katy
Cafenoir: fun all
TheMatrix©: (private) you live alone ?
(private messages deleted)
OneMegaHurz: huhu
katy: does anyone have any opinions about the current "world" situation?
OneMegaHurz: oh sorry i•m german
(private message deleted)
NewYorkCity: hi katy...
azhere: hello katy
NewYorkCity: well...that's what this room is meant to discuss.
azhere: whats that??
OneMegaHurz: ?
(private message deleted)
NewYorkCity: this is a bed-in for peace.
azhere: i wonder how bed-in NZ is doing??
NewYorkCity: organized by andy and amy in new zealand.
NewYorkCity: they're asleep right now.
katy: amy and andy have been fasting for 48 hours and have set up this room
to discuss the current issues at hand and to possibly find alternative solutions.
azhere: any constructive suggestions??
NewYorkCity: they are also fasting for 48 hours...and when awake ask people
who come here to share their views on the current global situation in some way.
azhere: my views would not coincide with yours, for i am military affiliated
katy: we can't be sure... this room was set up in order to discuss a wide range of views!  they are certainly welcome!
NewYorkCity: do you feel comforable in this room azhere?
NewYorkCity: what brings you here?
azhere: whats your perception...NYC
azhere: yes...
NewYorkCity: i've been in this bed-in with andy and amy most of the time...
azhere: same bed????
azhere: must be large
NewYorkCity: i don't have their physical stamina...mainly because they chose
the time and method for doing this event.
NewYorkCity: they're in New Zealand...
NewYorkCity: i'm in NYC.
NewYorkCity: where are you azhere?
katy: i joined them last night for about a 6 hour block, i couldn't muster
up enought to stay awake with them
azhere: tell me NYC...if required...would you bear arms to defend this nation
NewYorkCity: no way man!
NewYorkCity: i will not die for my country.
azhere: same here, through not as long as you katy
azhere: then perhaps you should consider moving
NewYorkCity: how do you mean moving?
OneMegaHurz: smoking
NewYorkCity: in my opinion, no cause is worth dying for.
katy: moving is not the solution, though!  i've considered it myself, but i
feel that if i disagree with something i should stay and try to take action
in some way or another!
azhere: yes, you are correct, dying is not cool, only heroes die
NewYorkCity: where are you located katy?
katy: ft. lauderdale, FL
NewYorkCity: i don't believe in heroes.
NewYorkCity: i love america.
azhere: x nyc
NewYorkCity: why should i leave it?
azhere: Ridgewood, Queens
NewYorkCity: i just won't bear arms for it!
NewYorkCity: i don't believe that violence is a solution to violence.
katy: <AMERICA...LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT> does that really work with the
(written) ideals upon which america was built?
NewYorkCity: i'm not sure there is a solution to violence...but i certainly
don't want to generate more violence just to "fight off" violence.
katy: azhere, what is your opinion on america's foreign policy?
azhere: perhaps we should stay out of others country affairs
NewYorkCity: i agree with you azhere!
katy: does anyone understand why other nations might not like america?
azhere: we do put our ...values, perceptions upon other nations which we
perhaps should not
NewYorkCity: unfortunately, most of the people who have the power to decide
for this country don't seem to think that way.
NewYorkCity: did you see the current issue of newsweek?
NewYorkCity: it's all about what you just asked katy...
azhere: i am sure we would not be happy with . say russia dictating a policy to us
NewYorkCity: why do "they" hate us.
katy: no, actually, i haven't looked at newsweek lately, i find it rather
disappointing.... talking of jealousies and religion and not necessarily
about corporate power and the bullying of world powers--- but perhaps i am
mistaken, as i have not read it!
azhere: we should not play WORLD POLICE....that was russia’s demise
NewYorkCity: you're generally right about newsweek...
NewYorkCity: i just mentioned it because they address the same question you
asked in the current issue.
azhere: but WE are there when assistance is needed, humanitarian aid
katy: unfortunately the information is presented to us, in the mainstream
media, as an issue of humanitarian aid, rather than an issue of control...
NewYorkCity: you're absolutely right katy!
NewYorkCity: i need to restart my computer...
NewYorkCity: maybe i'll see you later if you're still around.
katy: it appears as though our nation has continually provided 'aid' to
countries that are unstable, which ultimately results in a complete
breakdown of the (unstable) nation's structure.
katy: and, as a result of that breakdown, those nations become dependent on
the US and become quite unhappy with the US.
(private message deleted)
Zorro: Jacee where is Amy
(private messages deleted discussing that andy and amy are the hosts and they are asleep and that katy is filling in and will update them later!)
yashesspace: Hi everybody I'm back
Zorro: no its ok here
katy: great!
Zorro: we are not flirting so we can talk here
katy: (new chapter) (trying to live on via amy and andy)
yashesspace: what happend to the hosts
katy: they have fallen asleep
Zorro: hi jacee
katy: so zorro, what is your genral opinion?
yashesspace: ok .... hold it i will turn my cam
katy: general...
yashesspace: have a friend here ... showing him how it works ... iVisit
Zorro: what i saw is lets conserve what all is left
Zorro: and let’s not get into a war
Zorro: and try to reason out what we all are doing
katy: are you worried about instability of your nation as a result of the
bombings and ground troops?
Zorro: yes but its a chain reaction its not only the stability of my nation
katy: absolutely...
Zorro: it would take a lot more countries in it
katy: don't you find it odd, all of the new allies that the us gov. is
Zorro: and this may be a first stone for the world war 3
Zorro: yes few things are very confusing
katy: my opinion is that everything is falling into the plans that gw bush
has had... even back to the reagan era
katy: looking at this from a perspective of human rights, what do feel about
this and its link to racism?
Zorro: yes they had planned everything before 11 sep
Zorro: and he is actually up to is not know
Rich@home: I think it is all very easy to try and turn this to racism.
However I live in NYC and it has been very disturbing.
katy: also, on a smaller scale, is anyone aware of the operation called
Zorro: yes it can very easliy turn to rascism i think its already converted
into it
Rich@home: I don't enjoy the prospect of another war. I hope there is a way
out of this.
katy: please read this article!
Zorro: the events are taking them to the war
katy: i believe, as a result of the past, that this is very distinctly racist
Rich@home: How so?
katy: and please do check out the website
katy: these smaller actions (COINTELPRO) mirror out actions abroad, particularly in who we (US) support via our foriegn policies...
katy: are you up andy!!!!!!
Zorro: ok is it in english Katy
Bed-In New Zealand: getting there!
Buzz: hi everybody from france
Rich@home: No US
Bed-In New Zealand: salut
katy: just sent you an email...
Zorro: hello andy
Buzz: are we stinking?
Bed-In New Zealand: hello zorro, you are in Islamabad?
Zorro: yes i am your correspondent in Islamabad
yashesspace: Hello Back again
Bed-In New Zealand: I'm sure you've already answered this, but what's the
mood like there?
(private message deleted)
Zorro: well its difficult to tell
katy: the uprisings in pakistan... the us seems to be downplaying them...
but from what i hear via international radio, it is a majority rather than a
"small minortiy" as described on npr (another dog to the gov)
Zorro: this is the first time that so much difference of opinion exists
yashesspace: well I just Reinstalled my computer setup into a new location
..... now I'll see what is happening out there .... Its Time to spend
another night out 8:31 pm
Zorro: yes 90% people are against the american attacks
Zorro: and the talibans are freely moving in and out
katy: at the moment, the us is censoring most of what we see and hear
abroad... (more so than its usual bias)
Bed-In New Zealand: in this bed too
xoeaglexo: where are you Katy?
katy: ft. lauderdale
xoeaglexo: Iam near Boston
Zorro: only civilians are being killed
xoeaglexo: They aren't saying anything on the news
Zorro: really
katy: the only images we are seeing (that aren't nightvision crapola) are from the bases in the northern alliance.  nothing from the national tv station.
xoeaglexo: nothing important
Max_in_the_UK: Is ft lauderdale in Italy ?
HELLO2U: hello all
xoeaglexo: no, it is in Florida
Zorro: I will be back again
katy: also, the us media is continually evading any discussion about civilian casualties.  including a downplay of our bombing of the red cross a couple of days ago.
(private messages deleted)
Max_in_the_UK: NZ is it 8.30am sunday now there ?
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: 7:30 Sunday
Max_in_the_UK: Its Christmas day here
Max_in_the_UK: 2002
(private message deleted)
Max_in_the_UK: NZ are u in N or S island ?
Max_in_the_UK: The N island is the small one and the S island is the big one?
katy: okay, what's the general opinion on the food/cluster bomb alternating drops?
Max_in_the_UK: katy........wassat ?
Bed-In New Zealand: i think the food drops are propaganda
katy: the us and britain are doing alternate drops of food (peanut butter
and tomato sauce) to the afghans in heavy landmine populated areas,  in
between, they are dropping cluster bombs
Max_in_the_UK: Kristina....... your mate has nice pyjamas
Bed-In New Zealand: I think the UN Food program has criticized the policy as
being useless
katy: in addition to the food drops, america is sending out dollar sized leaflets, written in arabic script, saying "we are your friends, we do not wish to hurt you"
Bed-In New Zealand: bob, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Max_in_the_UK: i hope they don’t get it wrong and drop those at the same will make a right mess
Bob: The world is a dangerous place to live in today
Bob: where do you live katy
katy: absolutely right about the criticism, world aid organizations are pleading with the gov to stop the bombing at least for a day, because there's a high probability that up to 7 million or more people will starve to death if they can't reach the people.
Max_in_the_UK: it is if you got 45kg of tomato sauce on your head as you looked up
katy: talk about psychological warfare, huh?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, its like Iraq - the US says the death of 5000 children per month is Saddam's fault. Like starvation in Afghanistan will be the Taleban's fault
katy: it's that sneaky foreign policy!
Bed-In New Zealand: it displaces the blame for disastrous foreign policy
katy: and the dissemination of information in the west
Max_in_the_UK: is Andy ?........ he seems to be ok from here
Bed-In New Zealand: this is andy - i'm fine thanks
katy: it's no wonder that most americans have no clue, the media strings along bits of information that appear to lead up to a complete story and ultimately creates false histories by which the population eats up.
Bed-In New Zealand: Max where are you in the UK ( I just had to boot another wanker)
Max_in_the_UK: katy......are you a polotico socio are
losing me
katy: it seems to be an operation that both creates false histories and denies the history of others.
katy: nope...
Bed-In New Zealand: sort of divide history and conquer
Max_in_the_UK: katy can i write all that down please and use it in the pub ?
katy: that was the basic idea when the feminists decided to re-write history, as it was originally created from a false or bias premise
Bed-In New Zealand: just copy and paste into word or something...
katy: go for it!
Max_in_the_UK: aaahh ty
Bed-In New Zealand: capitalism is characterized in part by neglect of its own history and a short view of its own future
Bed-In New Zealand: (according to Marx)
yashesspace: money rules the world .... and those that have it
katy: i'm going to post this website again
katy: it has remarkable similarities to our (the us's) actions abroad....
Bed-In New Zealand: i don't think its so much money per se, but hierarchy is
intrinsic to the society we live in
Bed-In New Zealand: it couldn't function in its current form without it
Bed-In New Zealand: hello pat welcome to the bed-in for peace..
katy: though i don't have many details about the occupation of yugoslavia, maybe others do and can draw some sort of picture for us?
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry.. i've been re-reading Marx: things can't change until the underclass have historical consciousness of their position, blah, blah and take back the power (which might of course lead to another tyranny, which it did)... yugoslavia....
yashesspace: it could not function that’s right .... but ...... shit I'd have to write an essay ..... basicly the Rich (Industry) runs those we elect ...... which means that they will always work with and for the industry
Injdustry means Money .... money means ego
yashesspace: boost ... (Power).... which leads to greed ...... greed is destructive
Bed-In New Zealand: ego, ego, ego does it always come back to this? but how
could we function without it?
katy: i do understand that troops are still there (in yugoslavia) and i know that when we're done bombing the shit out of afghanistan we will remain there for(ever) a long time
Max_in_the_UK: katy swore just now !!
katy: oops!
Bed-In New Zealand: ok yugoslavia, I never really got to grips with the situation there
Max_in_the_UK: Amy .....get to grips with that he always

: a healthy ego ....... is good ...... system money makes ego unhealthy ...... change of way at looking at things ........ Counciousness
katy: unfortunately, for me, i didn't start actually researching many (broadly political issues) until the start of this year... so i am quite ill-informed in terms of past actions (that do not apply to american civil
rights: feminism, racism, gender issues)
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, a sense of self and ones position in the wider picture is good - pure self-interest = bad, as we have seen
yashesspace: It is not easy for those that have power to give it up move it around for all to share and benefit
Max_in_the_UK: old are you ?
yashesspace: who me
katy: but, fortunately, i did, several months before sept., i have been reading quite in depth about the political prisoners of the us.  i would recommend reading particularly anything by angela davis
katy: 23
Max_in_the_UK: ty
Max_in_the_UK: is she anything like Bette Davis ?
Max_in_the_UK: to look at
katy: not quite!
Max_in_the_UK: oh ok
katy: which, is why i want you guys to read that article about COINTELPRO
Bed-In New Zealand: where were we, katy what's your view on yugoslavia?
katy: (i'm gonna push it on you!)
(private message deleted)
yashesspace: I tried the website but it did not work
Max_in_the_UK: is that an alcoholic drink.........i dont drink
Bed-In New Zealand: me too
katy: i don't know enough about yugoslavia to really comment on it in a meaningful manner, but from what i understand, we basically did the same thing to them... bombing hospitals, breaking up the gov, etc.
yashesspace: Andy you look tired again ....
Max_in_the_UK: i didn’t....... it looked wrong on the 15th letter
Bed-In New Zealand: 15th letter of what?
katy:       it's
working on my comp!?  if you want i can email it...
Max_in_the_UK: the website katy put up
Max_in_the_UK: Morning Andy !!
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: good morning.... I got the site now
katy: oh good
yashesspace: Ok I have it now ..... must have been a type error or so
Max_in_the_UK: Bed-In New Zealand is it ok to smoke in your room ?
yashesspace: i'm a smoker
Max_in_the_UK: waits patiently..............
Max_in_the_UK: before lighting up
Bed-In New Zealand: go ahead
yashesspace: what you waiting for
Bed-In New Zealand: go for it
yashesspace: enjoy
Max_in_the_UK: Merci madameioselle......tu est tres gentil
Bed-In New Zealand: we love to smoke but are always giving up
Max_in_the_UK: hold on.....<gets ashtray>
yashesspace: I know that game gave up playing it
yashesspace: suppose if you can't get the stuff no more I'll quit
Bed-In New Zealand: helljed, truk welcome to the bed-in for peace..
Max_in_the_UK: try to give up....... its far healthier
Bed-In New Zealand: newbie welcome to the bed-in for peace..
Newbie: thank you for the greeting.
yashesspace: jed is out of focus
Max_in_the_UK: Bed in New we all have to get in bed too ?
Bed-In New Zealand: anyhow, the article looks interesting, but too long to
read now
Bed-In New Zealand: max - where are you in the UK?
yashesspace: well I am off again see you all again ...... Andy how long is
this room still on?
Max_in_the_UK: yashesspace....... hi
yashesspace: stop smelling your blanket
Bed-In New Zealand: for another 12 hours - hope to see you again
yashesspace: Hi UK
Max_in_the_UK: oooops ur goin
Max_in_the_UK: 30 miles south of london in kent
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm blowing my nose in it
yashesspace: I will be BACK
yashesspace: ciao
Bed-In New Zealand: i used to live in Ashford
Max_in_the_UK: Salutes yashesspace
Max_in_the_UK: Awwwwwww your kidding ????
Bed-In New Zealand: no, really i'm from the UK
Max_in_the_UK: my mate had a shop in Stanhope you know it
Bed-In New Zealand: no, but probably went there
Max_in_the_UK: Ashford has the channel tunnel rail link station to Paris and Brussels
Bed-In New Zealand: sofia welcome to the bed-in for peace... 
Max_in_the_UK: katy ...........
katy: yes....
Max_in_the_UK: who was that on the phone ?
katy: my mom
Max_in_the_UK: how is she ?
katy: doing alright, thanks for asking
Max_in_the_UK: ok good
katy: how are you feeling andy?  is amy alright as well?
Max_in_the_UK: does she live far away from you?
katy: not very... about 3 hours away
Max_in_the_UK: who is on the pc ?
katy: huh?
Max_in_the_UK: is that andy or amy.......i cant make it out from here
katy: andy
Max_in_the_UK: katy.......
(private message deleted)
katy: yes?
do you visit your mom often ?
(private message deleted)
maxx: hello! still in bed?
she must be proud of you knowing all that political stuff.
(private messages deleted)
katy: when i look up it's at everyone....
hello max, here max too
hi maxx
where r u from in the uk?
well i have to bow have a better name than me, younger and more handsome too..........oh blast !!
(private message deleted)
katy: i'm sure...
i live 30 miles south of london maxx
ft. lauderdale, FL
uh huh
where about?
Bed-In New Zealand:
welcome back Maxx from Austria
hello N.Z. hi philip, aus graz.. und du?
in Wien, aber ich unterrichte in Graz
bin Ami
wo unterrrichtest du?
was machst DU zuhaus am Samstag Abend? hoffentlich nicht studieren?
sorry Katy, how about English?
university max
mich langweilen..
I mean this in only the best way Katy
Philip: nice muscles!!!
just a joke...
so, are the beaches really so strict now in Ft. L?
have to have grey hair to drink a beer?
ciao ppl.
don't know...different beaches w/different rules
nice evening
2 u
how do you know someone is European on a beach in the US?
(private message deleted)
Philip: They have the 'Hooters' chain here, but it doesn't do well
if you want to see someone naked, go to any sauna here or beach
funny huh?
(private message deleted)
Philip: The US is the biggest producer of porno, but apparently no one watches it there?
How DO prudes get pregnant...
(private message deleted)
Philip: Katy, tu hables castellano?
si, claro!
(private message deleted)
katy: nope!
in Florida?
do you eat Mexican food?
so... new topic, huh?
your choice
Bed-In New Zealand:
philip welcome to the bed-in for peace...
Philip: go
someone to the rescue...too much coffee blocking the clear thinking...
I prefer tea my dear
Bed In - just be a good person
Bed-In New Zealand:
philip, do you think the US should be bombing afghanistan?
funny, in the US, when the federal building was blown up, no one asked Timothy McVie which religion he was.
Bed-In New Zealand:
i don't think it had anything to do with religion
Not necessarily, but what other options do YOU have?
and how does that apply to the statement: "...and those who harbour terrorists!"
ironic, don't you think?
bloody well right
katy, don't you have homework or something?
when is the last time you called your mother?
"Mom, send more $$$"
and again, getting back to the widely viewed opinion that the us is the greatest distributor of terrorism
Bed-In New Zealand:
you mean other options apart from religion
Bed-In New Zealand:
what about just be considerate towards other people
no, what reaction would you take if you were the US?
you were frightening me with your spelling Katy
Philip: nice on paper, but have you ever gotten aggressive driving?
let us escalate that
hi andy...katy, philip and max!
good to see you back!
hi NYC
it's good to be back.
we are, as humans, aggressive by nature
Bed-In New Zealand:
1) not bomb afghanistan 2) distribute more food aid 3) convene an international tribunal (through the UN) to try Bin Laden
essentialism is always fatal
distributing food is bullshit.
teach a man how to fish, don't just feed him
Try bin laden?
through the UN?
Bed-In New Zealand:
the international tribunal in the Hague?
Bed-In New Zealand:
something like that
possible but not probable.
unfortunately with aggression comes retribution
that's what many want
Katy, shave under your arms!
Bed-In New Zealand:
yes they do, but i don't
when I said call your mom, I did not mean now
Bed-In New Zealand:
philip is that you in your picture?
let us not be naive
it's about moola
there's no money to be made in offering international aid
but there is in war
conflict generates cash
Philip: Katy
, how's your mom?
Did you say hello for me?
Tell her I miss her and will write soon
Bed-in I think the idea is cool, but...
money is US thing that has spread around the free world as a measure of success
Bed-In New Zealand:
yes, conflict does generate cash, that' the problem
everyone's the same in the finance world?
no way
Katy read some Chomsky
Bed-In New Zealand:
philip have you read Marx?
well kids
and I served time in the US Military
talk about communism, they feed you, clothe you, pay you, shelter you
everyone is the same - except for rank
similar to that of the polit buro
and they call that freedom
what irony
i've been reading chomsky
Now, I'm not so damn naive that I would say we don't need a military
that would be bullshit
and the US military as a force, does well
but the heads of the forces should often be held accountable
but that's not going to happen before monkeys fly out of my butt : and I have a little butt
so then, back to my original principle
be good try not to be an ass
open up multicultural avenues of thought
Bed-In New Zealand:
make every US citizen in high school spend 1 year abroad in a non-native English language speaking country
and a few other points
I hope you don't think I'm a total ass
but you asked the question New Z.
Bed-In New Zealand:
disband the military - industrial complex
by the way, your Mac is SEXY
that would never happen
the military IS needed
Bed-In New Zealand:
oh no, I’ve enjoyed your feedback
until everyone is freed from poverty and repression
there will always be uprising and revolt
Bed-In New Zealand:
for example, I like Katy's bicycle. I don't have one
yeah, nice turn around
Bed-In New Zealand:
i can't see it
therefore, I could state that she and I have a bone to pick
but that is petty, and petty things left unattended seem to fester.
Bed-In New Zealand:
hello NYC
Katy, after I made this speech
tell me it's a bicycle and not a unicycle
you're not the Ft. Laudy one-wheeled-wonder I saw on tv are you?
no, philip
me as a baby
with hair as long as Katy
Philip: me with a fish
(private messages deleted)
Philip: me out of the shower!
see, it really is me
well all, hang loose
I'm off for a cup of tea and a bit of telly
Bed-In New Zealand:
right on
be good! sleep well, sweet dreams
Bed-In New Zealand:
you too!
or sweet sweaty dreams...
be good and if you cannot be good, be safe!
goodbye Philip
That means you Katy
nyc, where'd you go?
(private message deleted)
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted - ***
Bed-In New Zealand:
what time is it there, andy?
Bed-In New Zealand:
nearly 9am sunday
alright! we're proud of you guys over here!
andy.......u in n or s island ?
Bed-In New Zealand:
i seem to be having technical difficulties.
Bed-In New Zealand:
i can see your ceiling
with the camera or with staying connected?
my camera image froze...
and my PC has slowed down a lot.
that ceiling is wonderful at night...
this used to be a little kid's bedroom and the ceiling is covered with glow-in-the-dark stars
maybe your camera turned off... my image freezes when the camera shuts off (from non use)
katy freezes........why ?
the image....
oh ok.......
aren’t we supposed to be chatting about the current world affairs?
NZ is very quiet for host
they're also multi-tasking... so i imagine this is catch-up time...
we all do that from time to time
and i'm trying to get my mouse to work! it's too dirty
i am in no less than 43 chat lines right now !!.....ask Philip......that is one more than him !!
bring up a topic and we'll have a go
Max_in_the_UK: he has gone i see yehhh