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TOPCIS discussed include: futility of bombing, Osama and the Taleban, Islam, plight of the Afghan people, USA is the problem, West/East duality, greed, good wishes, nature of the US people

nieuwenhuys: amy?
Bed-In New Zealand: hello ra, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
jaceee: Amerika has always had this identity problem -- where it ties its identity to its alter ego
jaceee: the cold war
jaceee: the war on drugs
jaceee: and now the war on terrorism
Zorro: yes
jaceee: nothing new
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, andy is unfortunately asleep. he has been very busy today.
jaceee: except it cannot be "won"
jaceee: like the other ones
Zorro: i am from Pakistan and a muslim i totally agree to u but we have to fight the terrorism too
jaceee: so all the talk of strategies miss the point
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: i agree with you that the concepts need to be shifted from "winning" and "losing" to promoting positive growth and change but i think people's idea of positive may differ.
(private message deleted)
jaceee: Amerika simply has to stand up against the conditions that cause hatred... bombing it the wrong way
(private message deleted)
jaceee: just take Isreal and Palestine as a micro example of the potential for what is now happening between the US and its ENEMY
Zorro: Amy i have some problems with the ISP but can i add u in my freinds list
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, zorro. please.
Zorro: and Carelia may i add u too plz
clevo: the taliban are run by bin laden and he is a nutcase
clevo: i think they have to stop him by force
Zorro: no Osama is not running the Taliban
Bed-In New Zealand: but how is the question so that more bin ladens don''t appear?
(private message deleted)
Zorro: yes
Zorro: this is the most important issue
(private message deleted)
clevo: the yanks have to stop exploiting the middle eastern people
clevo: leave them to fight with each other
Zorro: ur right ot clevo
(private message deleted)
clevo: but they but the yanks won’t cause of the oil
(private messages deleted)
Zorro: no we must stop the fighting anywhere
clevo: the arabs will always fight its their culture
(private message deleted)
Zorro: its a global village i do not want to give a war torn world to my sons and daughters
(private message deleted)
Zorro: which arabs are u talking about
jaceee: well, historically, Arabic culture flowered during several different eras -- when the Christian world was really in shit condition...
Zorro: Palestinians
clevo: although everyone claims that islam is peaceful a lot of islamic prophets are psycos
jaceee: I know a lot of Christian psychos...
clevo: true, they’re worse
(private message deleted)
clevo: except they are not violently fundamental, every five minutes i hear muslims declaring holy wars on this that and everything
jaceee: There are probably the same percentage of BinLaden-types in the US -- except not Arab, but WASP
Zorro: ok now comment on President declaring crusade
jaceee: surf the net some and check out the hate sites from US paramilitaries...
Bed-In New Zealand: wow, clevo, steady. think about who's media you are listening to and what their point of view is.
jaceee: but WASP, that is
clevo: yeah but they’re not the majority
clevo: and they don’t run the country
jaceee: neither is Bin Laden the majority
clevo: but bin laden is running a puppet regieme through the taliban
jaceee: well, the Cold Warriors have controlled the US for more than 60 years now...
Bed-In New Zealand: there are alot of arabs out there, i don't think the fundamentalists are a majority there either but they get all of the media attention.
jaceee: stepping on people around the globe in "american interests"
NewYorkCity: good point amy!
jaceee: the politics of Afghantistan is not so simple as you frame it... you should look at the history of the region more closely...
clevo: the yanks use globilization to exploit these countries
jaceee: why, for example did the US give the Taliban 46 million dollars last July?
clevo: to fight the russians
(private message deleted)
clevo: who knows
jaceee: the russians had left Afghanistan 8 years ago...
jaceee: it was to prop up "interests" in the region...
Bed-In New Zealand: it is a very complicated issue with a lot of miscommunication.
clevo: the king was in charge and then the pakis helped the taliban kick his but out
jaceee: the king left in 1973
clevo: lol
NewYorkCity: you can say that again amy!
jaceee: we'll see...
(private message deleted)
jaceee: retrospect might give us the answers, at least for those who survuve
nieuwenhuys: the taliban is a currupt regime any money given 2 them will not have been used properly - the people are desperatly poor and hungry and need quality of life somehow.
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, the people of afghanistan have been through hell.
jaceee: no doubt... the Afghan people are the ones who are getting screwed for the last 40-50 years since the British times
jaceee: or longer
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome to the discussion nieuwenhuys from south of london!
(private messages deleted)
jaceee: avuncular -- now there's a word -- but I have forgotten the definition
jaceee: can you enlighten me?
avuncular: uncle-like
jaceee: no, is that right?
avuncular: yep
jaceee: okay, I can't dredge up my latin in my condition... I'll have to believe you... but what exactly IS uncle -like...
jaceee: I'm an uncle...
Bed-In New Zealand: hello avuncular, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
avuncular: In Latin avunculus is your mother's brother - there's another term for father's brother but I've forgotten
(private message deleted)
jaceee: of course... got it!
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located avuncular?
avuncular: Monterey CA
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: clevo, what is the word in australia about current happenings?
Bed-In New Zealand: hey, who's trying the audio? i couldn't understand.
(private messages deleted)
jaceee: riku
(private message deleted)
jaceee: looks like a performance for peace...
(private messages deleted)
jaceee: well, thats technotopia
(private messages deleted)
jaceee: so, looks like I can't see NYC today either... pity
Bed-In New Zealand: who else is out there at the moment?
clevo: how do you spell journey??
clevo: is journey right?
Bed-In New Zealand:
yes, journey.
Zorro: now what are we discussing
clevo: sorry, doing assignment
Bed-In New Zealand: no problem clevo!
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: hi everyone, sorry about that, some weird booting/server incident. what's happening?
Zorro: well we are talking personal
Zorro: introducing each other
jaceee: i'm an artist and teacher in new media
Bed-In New Zealand: hi, i'm also an artist and a teacher and a bit of a writer.
Zorro: cool and what kind of artist
Zorro: cool so intellectual room
Zorro: but i am mechanical engineer serving in a government organisation
Bed-In New Zealand: i do a lot of different things. some installation, some work with fabric and pins, different really for each project. you can see images and more info on my website -
Zorro: i am no intellectual
Bed-In New Zealand: andy is a civil engineer as well as an artist.
Zorro: cool amy
Zorro: i will go and see it
Bed-In New Zealand: well, i wouldn't say that zorro.
Bed-In New Zealand: both andy and i are interested in breaking down boundaries between things and looking at what is behind cultural items.
Bed-In New Zealand: hello foot lover and misterno, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
(private message deleted)
Zorro: yes i can see that there are no boundires in the bed , kidding plz don't mind
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted Foot Lover ***
hey boss warn me if u plan o boot me out too
Zorro: hehehe
Zorro: hello fouzia
fouzia: hello how are you ?
Zorro: I am fine thanx and how are u?
fouzia: fine too
Zorro: cool may i ask where are u from
Bed-In New Zealand: okay, as long as there is no nudity and we at least try to stick to the topic, no problem.
fouzia: of course i'm from belgium
Bed-In New Zealand: hello fouzia and welcome back bluejeans, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
Bed-In New Zealand: hi ph, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
fouzia: current global situation ? bullshit
fouzia: i am muslim too
Zorro: what do u mean by that ?
Bed-In New Zealand: ph, what are you saying? we are discussing the us action in afgahanistan and calling for peace. interested? please use text as andy is trying to sleep, thanks.
NewYorkCity: amy, that's an interesting comment you just made...
Bed-In New Zealand: which one, toni?
Bed-In New Zealand: ph, where are you located?
fouzia: i think it's a great idea to bed-in for peace but what kind of peace ? as long as the usa will governate the world there is no way out
NewYorkCity: you don't have to answer this question, amy: why are you against nudity here or the idea of anyone going off-topic?
fouzia: i live in belgium
santxo: spanishh?????
Bed-In New Zealand: people can go off topic, i'm just a little tired of people masturbating and wanting to discuss my tits. other than that, anything goes. although it has been useful as comic relief.
Zorro: so amy now there is another important point is that government of USA have to get her impression improved
Bed-In New Zealand: hello santxo and steve, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
fouzia: and i feel really worried by the actual politic context
Zorro: or u can say have to review her policies
NewYorkCity: the main reason i ask is because in the politics of the bed-in concept originators both are cool. however, i recognize the fact that you may want to change those rules...and you're more than entitled to do so since this is *your* event.
Bed-In New Zealand: we are all worried fouzia, it is very worrying indeed.
fouzia: they have to it's a fact
santxo: necesito ayuda con mi mac
NewYorkCity: i understand what you mean about the "shallow people" as i call them.
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm sorry toni, i'm not following you. remember, we are also fasting and are weak!
NewYorkCity: however...they are people too...and it would be an interesting challenge to try to reach out to them too with your message.
NewYorkCity: i'm sorry!
NewYorkCity: i don't mean to be tough on you...this is just a thought...
fouzia: here in belgium, no one believes in the preparing war, they all think it's only a problem between usa and afghanistan
NewYorkCity: i mean...
Bed-In New Zealand: santxo, que es su problemo? hablo un poco.
Zorro: ok
Zorro: Amy when is your fast going to be over
NewYorkCity: i'm talking about reaching a broader audience...or rather the option of reaching this specific audience
Zorro: i mean its very long to fast for 48 hours
NewYorkCity: i can stop talking about this right now...and we can pick it up later...after the bed-in perhaps, like i suggested yesteday.
Bed-In New Zealand: oh i see toni. i always give them the opportunity first. sometimes they email privately. i usually send a private warning and then if it continues to be aggressive sexually i boot them out. that is just not what i am interested in, but i want to leave the possibility for communication open.
NewYorkCity: i didn't realize that people had been sexually agressive toward you.
NewYorkCity: i understand your concern.
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, 48 hours is a long fast. i think i can make it (but i'm not sure about andy!)
NewYorkCity: and i'm not saying that your event should be a free for all.
NewYorkCity: is it a total fast? or are you allowing yourselves some water at least?
Bed-In New Zealand: no problem toni, it is hard to keep everything together, especially with the private function.
Bed-In New Zealand: we are drinking water.
NewYorkCity: i was wondering if there's a way to disable the private function.
Zorro: ok
Bed-In New Zealand: i think i figured that out yesterday but that seems like a long time ago at this point. with people in and out like this....
Zorro: newyork we 2 are left only
Bed-In New Zealand: hi zorro. are you having server problems?
NewYorkCity: i'm here most of the time zorro.
NewYorkCity: i'm not as strong as amy and andy...
Zorro: yes a little
NewYorkCity: and this is their event...
NewYorkCity: but i support them 100%
Zorro: is this room a permanant one?
Bed-In New Zealand: our fast ends tomorrow at 8 p.m. nz time. in 18 hours.
Zorro: yes they have the conviction to do some thing good
Zorro: oh still a lot of time to go
NewYorkCity: i believe that the best way to change the world is to change yourself.
Zorro: but i am sure u will do it because its for a right cause
Bed-In New Zealand: well, we set it up for this particular event. i don't know what will happen afterwards. perhaps we can keep it until peace.
Zorro: yes i agree
Zorro: newyork
NewYorkCity: it's a great way to open a room on iVisit.
Zorro: u know the city new york is like the mother to the world
Bed-In New Zealand: that would be good, so we can all check in and see what's happening and what we can do to facilitate peace.
Bed-In New Zealand: and understanding
NewYorkCity: i always thought of bagdhad as the mother to the world.
Zorro: hehehe
NewYorkCity: i mean historically.
Zorro: no its the truth
NewYorkCity: i didn't mean that as a joke.
Zorro: now New York city is the mother and so the responsibilities of the mother are
Bed-In New Zealand: the mothers of two worlds or is that concept bullshit?
NewYorkCity: many historians consider it to be "the cradle of western civilization"
Zorro: more then every memeber of the family
NewYorkCity: i'm not sure i follow you amy?
Bed-In New Zealand: the east/west, old/new civilization thing.
NewYorkCity: you make an interesting point zorro.
NewYorkCity: well.. if you ask me, duality sucks!
Bed-In New Zealand: hello norvern munkee, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
norvern munkee: hi all
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located nm?
NewYorkCity: there's a big difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants zorro.
norvern munkee: sorry had to get fags UK here
NewYorkCity: i'm an immigrant...but i'm not an illegal immigrant.
norvern munkee: so hows the bed in going then
Bed-In New Zealand: i tend to agree about duality, can be very isolating and breeds hate.
Zorro: she is bleeding , we all are very worried
Zorro: yes this is the beauty of the city she welcomes all alike, she does not ask if u are legal or illegal she just welcomes u there
Bed-In New Zealand: very well thank you. andy and i are very hungry though as we are fasting as well, waiting for an "epiphany".
norvern munkee: ahhhhhh philosophy eh
Bed-In New Zealand: a little., where did you hear about the bed-in?
Bed-In New Zealand: or did you come across it on ivisit?
norvern munkee: aha I’ve got to be honest I’ve just stumbled across it
norvern munkee: why whats the plan and why?
Bed-In New Zealand: that's fine, many of our guests come by that way.
Zorro: Amy i lost the answer is this a permanent room
Bed-In New Zealand: well, we haven't really thought about what will happen after tommorrow but it sounds like a good idea to me to keep this room active for awhile
Bed-In New Zealand: so, yes, i suppose is the quicker answer.
norvern munkee: just a weekend bed in then?
Zorro: but do not fast every day ok
Zorro: i will be back after 4 hours
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, we are doing a 48 hour bed-in for peace.
Zorro: amy i got to go now
Zorro: thanx and good bye
Bed-In New Zealand: okay zorro. thanks for coming and we look forward to seeing you later. peace!
norvern munkee: mmmmmmm a difficult one in this world of commercial greed
Bed-In New Zealand: too true.
norvern munkee: the world is not a problem
Zorro: new yorkcity bye plz ask the city new york that we all are very worried about the incident
Bed-In New Zealand: no?
norvern munkee: sorry new york our best wishes at this time
norvern munkee: no its peoples inherent greed that causes problems
Bed-In New Zealand: i agree with you and that is one of the things that we are wrestling with this weekend.
norvern munkee: and i feel that is sadly part of human nature
Bed-In New Zealand: that is the sad thing indeed.

Bed-In New Zealand:
hello ctgr, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
NewYorkCity: it's not an easy thing to handle i suppose.
ctgr: hi all
norvern munkee: no i mean everybody wants new clothes better houses better newer cars
ctgr: don't awake andy
norvern munkee: and that is human nature
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm trying not to. where are you located ctgr?
Bed-In New Zealand: well, I’m not sure everyone wants those things, many people yes.
Bed-In New Zealand: oh, i see.
ctgr: You were in my letterbox dear, so i came for a one minute Hi to all of you .
Bed-In New Zealand: i see, an e-mail?
ctgr: Now I have to go back to work and I wish you a good day, with french kisses enclosed
(private message deleted)
ctgr: yes, email via rhizome I guess (jorge)
ctgr: and now, have a cool time beding.
ctgr: wishing you the best always,
Bed-In New Zealand: hi marco, welcome to the bed-in for peace..
ctgr: kiss
Bed-In New Zealand: okay ctgr, thanks for stopping by.
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: so marco, what do the people in monaco think about the current situation?
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: marco, why don’t you share your info with everyone?
Bed-In New Zealand: really, you don’t think so?
NewYorkCity: where did everyone go?
Bed-In New Zealand: well, sometimes it happens like that, people come in waves.
marco 06: we will see later if the situation stay like that
NewYorkCity: i've put some clothes on i can wave a proper hello to you.
Bed-In New Zealand: zorro said he would be back in four hours and ctgr had to go.
Bed-In New Zealand: marco, what do u think?
NewYorkCity: i don't see marco on the guest list!
Bed-In New Zealand: whoops, lost him. so toni it's back to us.
NewYorkCity: looks like it
Bed-In New Zealand: i suppose i should have e-mailed you privately before about the sex thing but i think most people understand the score here.
Bed-In New Zealand: hello per, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
NewYorkCity: i've been awake for about 2 hours but i'm still not really alert.
Bed-In New Zealand: some of our best guests have started out as cruisers!
NewYorkCity: i don't have a problem with your position regarding sex at this event.
NewYorkCity: or nudity.
NewYorkCity: or going off-topic.
Bed-In New Zealand: well, i can’t say i'm at my most alert and i think that my sleep patterns may be twisted for awhile!
Bed-In New Zealand: per, where are you from?
Per : hello here per from holland great idee for a bed in for peace
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks.
NewYorkCity: just the fact that i spend so much time with you yesterday has thrown of my i can only imagine what it's doing to you and andy.
Bed-In New Zealand: we are on day 2 and are very tired but energized by meeting and talking with so many people from all over the world.
Per : with how manny people are you there
Bed-In New Zealand: there is two of us in the bed. and people come and go to discuss peace and how that can be achieved.
Per : for how many day do you have the bed in?
Bed-In New Zealand: 18 more hours - 48 hours in all.
Bed-In New Zealand: where in holland are you?
Per : i hope that some great leaders of the world see this too
Per : we are near amsterdam
Bed-In New Zealand: i hope so too. although i fear that we are a bit short of great leaders at the moment.
Bed-In New Zealand: toni from nyc is also talking to us at the moment.
Per : well i we wish you all the best from holland and we want peace too good luck from per esther and the kids
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks per and to you all too. how many kids do you have? we were speaking to three of andy's neices and nephews earlier.
Bed-In New Zealand: hello giorgio, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
Per : we have 3 children 2 boys and 1 baby girl
Bed-In New Zealand: nice!
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you and your wife do for work?
Bed-In New Zealand: hello, welcome to the bed-in for peace….
Bed-In New Zealand: hi yann, how are you?
Yann: hi and you
Bed-In New Zealand: hi kiwi, welcome to the bed-in for peace... London: hi from london.....
Bed-In New Zealand: where in nz are you from? London: napier
Yann: Paris London: and you?
Bed-In New Zealand: we are near masterton at the moment in mount bruce.
Bed-In New Zealand: but we are from san francisco. London: kool...
Yann: what are you doing in your bed just wake up ?
Bed-In New Zealand: hello cabal, welcome to the bed-in for peace… London: must like 3 am there?..
Bed-In New Zealand: yann, we are holding a 48 hour bed-in for peace!
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, a bit after 3 am 3 p.m. in london?
Yann: please let see what there is under your cover
william: yann palerire z franca
Bed-In New Zealand: come on yann, what are your views on afghanistan?
william: jai fait des fautes je demmandais si vous parleriez francais
Bed-In New Zealand: hello wehey lo and william, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: no french sorry.
william: comme je ne vous comprand pas je vous dit aurevoir
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: no thanks yann
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: william, where are you from and what do you think about the war?
Bed-In New Zealand: hello nico, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm very tired and hungry, i have been fasting on world peace for almost 30 hours. how are you?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, very dangerous. what can we do to diffuse the situation?
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: understandable.
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located nico?
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: why so private nico?
Bed-In New Zealand: and yes, terror has to be stopped but how to do it is the question.
Bed-In New Zealand: or, can it be stopped at all?
Bed-In New Zealand: hello zorro! has it been four hours?
Zorro: and Newyork
Zorro: no not yet
Bed-In New Zealand: i think he is napping.
Zorro: just came back to say hello
Zorro: yes he is
Bed-In New Zealand: what time is it there?
Zorro: so its u and me and the world peace
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks for stopping back.
Bed-In New Zealand: that's right, it's up to us zorro!
Zorro: pleasure is all mine
Bed-In New Zealand: so, what's the first step?
Zorro: well i cannot see a pretty girl in trouble so i came back
Zorro: just kidding
Bed-In New Zealand: oh zorro, you are such a terrible flirt.
Bed-In New Zealand: are you married or have a girlfriend?
Zorro: but u are good looking and pretty thats the truth
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks.
Zorro: tell me u are American by birth
Bed-In New Zealand: i am
Zorro: cool and u are here for good or what
Zorro: u seems to be bit tired rather quite tired
Bed-In New Zealand: no, we are here for a few months on an art resideny and after that we don't know.
Bed-In New Zealand: i am very tired! it is 3:33 a.m. here and this is my second night of not much sleep (not to mention no food).
Zorro: oh friend can i do any thing to help u there
Bed-In New Zealand: give peace a chance?
Bed-In New Zealand: make the war end?
Bed-In New Zealand: stop all terrorism
Bed-In New Zealand: and hatred
Bed-In New Zealand: so many things to do!
Bed-In New Zealand: it's just nice to talk to people from all over about peace and how to get there.
Zorro: lol yes thats my duty towards the world, humanity and to myself what can i do for u right now to bright comfort to u
Zorro: yes do u like to hear jokes
Bed-In New Zealand: yes
Zorro: ok
Zorro: but the problem here is that u have to type every thing cannot cut paste in here
Bed-In New Zealand: i know, it's a drag.
Zorro: u know u are one year younger then me
Bed-In New Zealand: what are you doing today in islamabad?
Bed-In New Zealand: really? you have been to my website?
Zorro: yes i had a glimpse of it
Zorro: so u should get the feeeling that people love the peace and peace lovers
Bed-In New Zealand: well, i get that feeling from this room, not from the newspapers.
Zorro: yes
Bed-In New Zealand: what do your friends think about everything?
Bed-In New Zealand: like you, or...
Zorro: i think if u be able to convice a single soul it means that your 48 hours fasting is not gone to waste
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, i think so too.
Zorro: well we never had so differece of opinion in any other topic
Bed-In New Zealand: are you from a big family? and are you a practicing muslim?
Bed-In New Zealand: so many questions!
Zorro: yes i am from a very religious family
Zorro: ok whats the 1st question
Bed-In New Zealand: what do your friends and family think about the situation?
Bed-In New Zealand: and you? religious?
Zorro: what i always preach that any religion is against killing of the innoocent people right
Zorro: all agreed
Zorro: now the trouble starts when i say that we must think, think hard to come out of the situation
Bed-In New Zealand: they may say that in their texts but often do not show that in their actions.
Bed-In New Zealand: are you married? children?
Zorro: yes i am from inside very religous
Zorro: yes i am married
Bed-In New Zealand: everyone needs to believe in something!
Zorro: i have a 2 year old son
Bed-In New Zealand: what is his name?
Zorro: yes tell me are u married to Andy
Zorro: my sons name
Bed-In New Zealand: yes.
Zorro: his name is AWAB
Bed-In New Zealand: lovely.
Zorro: its quranic name
Bed-In New Zealand: what is quranic, please excuse my ignorance.
Zorro: its from the Quran
Zorro: my mother names her
Bed-In New Zealand: of course, we spell it with a K. andy bought a copy to read during the bed-in but he hasn't had a chance.
Zorro: named by son
Bed-In New Zealand: hi lambda girls, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Zorro: it means that the person who goes often to GOD to get his instructions
Zorro: thats cool
Zorro: do u have any kids
Bed-In New Zealand: no. although i am considering it.
Zorro: are u recently married
Bed-In New Zealand: well, we are not exactly married, but are in a long-term committed relationship.
Bed-In New Zealand: it is like we are married.
Zorro: ok
Bed-In New Zealand: but without the ceremony and the sanction of the state.
Zorro: boy friend
Zorro: its ok
Zorro: i have been to usa, my brother and a sis are inUSA
Bed-In New Zealand: where to?
Zorro: all the eastern coast
Bed-In New Zealand: where are they? and have you thought of emigrating there too?
Zorro: AL, Fl, ny, all the coast and Tx too
Zorro: no i do not plan till not
Bed-In New Zealand: what do they do?
Bed-In New Zealand: why did they choose the us?
Zorro: i am kind of old orthodox thinking person who loves to live in my own country
Zorro: well my brother in law is there in USA
Bed-In New Zealand: understandable.
Zorro: and my brother went there to study
Zorro: and settled there
Bed-In New Zealand: right, is it easy to get a student visa and green card to the us from pakistan?
Zorro: but both of them will not be shifted there for good
Zorro: they will come back
Zorro: lol
Zorro: not so easy
Bed-In New Zealand: is that common?
Zorro: shifting to USA
Bed-In New Zealand: lol at easy to get a green card or that they will come back to pakistan?
Zorro: yes what we call as brain drainage
Bed-In New Zealand: shifting from us back to pakistan.
Zorro: yes and all the persons with black money have shifted to USA
Zorro: no its very difficult to shift back
Bed-In New Zealand: black money - illegal money?
Zorro: yes not drug money
Bed-In New Zealand: they call it the brain drain here too- from nz to the us. probably other countries too.
Zorro: its the national money and money earned form corruption
Bed-In New Zealand: what did you think of the us?
Zorro: yes
Zorro: ok let me tell u a joke
Zorro: u a pretty girl
Zorro: hehehe
Bed-In New Zealand: ok, i'm ready to hear it.
Zorro: u mean usa
Bed-In New Zealand: hello calvine and italian beautiful man, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, usa!
Zorro: i think there is notihng wrong with the people they are very very good people but they don't know what their government is doing with rest of the world
Zorro: its a clean room with clean chat about peace, world peace
Zorro: Amy he has gone out himself
Bed-In New Zealand: hi zorro, i'm back. were you talking to italian beautiful man just then?
Zorro: so i was telling i think 80% of americans are better then myself
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm sorry zorro, what are you saying?
Bed-In New Zealand: why are 80% of americans "better" than you? in what way?
Zorro: yes i was trying to tell him that its not the bed of roses, its a clean room
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome back jaceee.
jaceee: hi
Zorro: u asked me about how we think of USA
Zorro: they are more human then myself
Zorro: hello jacee
Bed-In New Zealand: tell me more.
Zorro: here comes the intellectual
Zorro: welcome jacee
Bed-In New Zealand: hello orange, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
orange: hi, who is really from NZ
Zorro: well i found them when i was there they are honest straight forward and hard working people
Bed-In New Zealand: well, i am living in nz, but not originally from here. and you?
Bed-In New Zealand: right.
orange: well, the world, I think we should just kind of left each other alone
orange: I am in NZ too
Bed-In New Zealand: where?
Zorro: jacee u are not talking
Zorro: i will take a break Amy