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TOPICS discussed include: personal action, terrorism, Bin Laden, Hitler, Islam, conspiracy theories, problems with ivisit

Bed-In New Zealand: what are you going to do today? friday in iowa right? we are one day ahead in nz so sometimes it gets complicated.
wildi30: by the way there are no answers. human nature cannot be changed.
Bed-In New Zealand: that is what is depressing me and that i am wrestling with these days to try to come to terms with.
wildi30: I’m going to work at 2pm overtime today
Bed-In New Zealand: where at?
wildi30: i dont think its depressing there’s a good side to human nature ya know yin&yang a little evil makes the good that much better
Bed-In New Zealand: that's what i am trying to come to terms with
wildi30: sorry i dont type fast i work for a farm equipment manufacture we build planters and grain carts
Bed-In New Zealand: that's okay, gives me a chance to catch up myself. we are living in farm country right now and i have fulfilled a lifelong dream of petting both lambs and calves.
Bed-In New Zealand: talk about the good!
wildi30: good things are like rain thay only come in sprinkles when ya need them most
Bed-In New Zealand: well said wildi. and hello _ and orzowey. Welcome….
wildi30: ya need ta come visit i run a free educational zoo on the side
Bed-In New Zealand: well, this greeting seems to have stopped some of the "undesirables" they know at the beginning there will be no, or at least limited, nudity.
Bed-In New Zealand: that sounds great. what animals do you have?
NYC:ToniSant: it's great that you're greeting people that way amy!
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks toni - so far so good.
Bed-In New Zealand: thought we had lost you wildi. i suppose there are technical issues as well as others that need to be addressed.
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm looking at your site toni - very interesting
NYC:ToniSant: absolutely!
NYC:ToniSant: do you mean my personal site or the Malta one?
Bed-In New Zealand: the malta at the moment. i'll try to get back to the other.
NYC:ToniSant: you and andy made the news today in Malta.
NYC:ToniSant: i've shut down my personal site this weekend and gave the space over exclusively to this bed in.
Bed-In New Zealand: wow! i see
NYC:ToniSant: are you sleepy amy?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes i am but i am also checking my e-mail. people have been writing in support of the project which is amazing.
Bed-In New Zealand: i love to multitask!
NYC:ToniSant: i'm multitasking too!
Bed-In New Zealand: i am also trying to ignore a giant moth here. the animals in nz (few) are huge.
NYC:ToniSant: i have a ton of mail to clear from my inbox in morning...there's a bunch of junk...and some work stuff.
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm sure, i was going to ask you what other things you are doing. maltanews?
wildi30: sorry ya did lose me i went after coffee
La ruse: salut a tous
La ruse: do you speak french
NYC:ToniSant: a little bit of that with awrata too who was here earlier.
NYC:ToniSant: hello la ruse...sorry, i don't speak french.
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome back wildi and Welcome La Ruse…
wildi30: i do a little but not enough to get by
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm sorry, i don't speak french, a little spanish?
La ruse: ok sorry bye bye
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you signaling from?
wildi30: so what did i miss
La ruse: france paris
NYC:ToniSant: paris! tres jolie!!
Bed-In New Zealand: are you using the audio la ruse? i couldn't understand you.
La ruse: tout a fiat
Bed-In New Zealand: Welcome to the bed-in for peace Explorer…
NYC:ToniSant: hi explorer!
Explorer _m_: Howdy NYC
Explorer _m_: Hey are ya?
Bed-In New Zealand: fine thanks, a bit tired. and you?
Explorer _m_: Good. late here too, but I'm souped-up on coffee
Bed-In New Zealand: how are you feeling toni and wildi?
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located explorer?
wildi30: there does that help now ya can see me
NYC:ToniSant: i woke up about 5 hours ago...but it doesn't feel like morning yet for me!
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, you are much clearer now wildi
wildi30: ive been up over 24 hrs
Bed-In New Zealand: really?
Bed-In New Zealand: Welcome…
Bed-In New Zealand: why have you been so long wildi?
Bed-In New Zealand: i need a bigger screen to keep on top of things!
Bed-In New Zealand: sand 777777, hello.
wildi30: just one of those days got up at 8am yesterday went to work and havent been to bed since
SAND777777: hi!
wildi30: i have a sick 2 year old
SAND777777: just stopped by to see how things are going... read about your project in Rhizome last night...
Explorer _m_: No kidding...a bed-in for peace....(I thought it was a joke)
Bed-In New Zealand: oh, i see.
Bed-In New Zealand: no joke explorer - how did you hear about it? and why did you think it was a joke?
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located 77777?
wildi30: do ya have a web site
SAND777777: just west of NYC by 45 min.
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, mine is and andy's is
Bed-In New Zealand: so, nj?
SAND777777: yeah... I work here now, used to make the daily commute to the city to work...
wildi30: cool ill check it out later
Bed-In New Zealand: commuting can be a drag.
Bed-In New Zealand: what about you wildi? site?
SAND777777: I used to get up at 5:15 am in order to get to the city by 8:00 am...
Bed-In New Zealand: although, i like to be able to walk or bike to work. makes a huge difference.
wildi30: no, just email
Bed-In New Zealand: what work do you do 77777?
Bed-In New Zealand: and wildi, what did you do to enhance picture quality?
wildi30: turned a light on
Bed-In New Zealand: are you trying the audio 7777, we can't hear you.
wildi30: simple
Bed-In New Zealand: ah, sometimes the simplest things do make a difference
Bed-In New Zealand: some audio coming through, but not intelligible (not a judgement, just a reality)
wildi30: yea like i said, I’ve been awake awhile not thinking too fast
Bed-In New Zealand: what animals do you have at the zoo?
wildi30: lions tiggers and bears oh my
Bed-In New Zealand: really? well, we must not be in kansas anymore!
wildi30: 177 animals 53 species
Bed-In New Zealand: hello firewall. Welcome…
wildi30: no iowa
firewall: hi bed-in
Bed-In New Zealand: that is a lot of animals, where in iowa? and, wow, it would be nice to have coffee right now. how can one be expected to work in the wee hours without beverages of some sort?
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located firewall?
firewall: i'm in italy
firewall: milano
NYC:ToniSant: ciao firewall. come va?
firewall: ciao ny
firewall: bene e tu?
Bed-In New Zealand: bien. i was in milan very briefly once. you look very blue.
NYC:ToniSant: abbastanza bene, grazie.
wildi30: we use the animals to take to elementry schools for educational purposes and for pet theropy for the mentaly & phisicaly handycapet
firewall: sei negli states?
NYC:ToniSant: si certo!
NYC:ToniSant: i thought you were one of the blue man group firewall.
firewall: e' ora di cena
firewall: alla prox
firewall: hi all
NYC:ToniSant: ci vediamo!
NYC:ToniSant: this is interesting! i mean, KennethKot's performance.
Bed-In New Zealand: i couldn't hear much, but welcome kenneth, where are you located?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, how are you?
Bed-In New Zealand: Welcome…
NYC:ToniSant: i hear your audio amy!
NYC:ToniSant: you're gonna wake up andy! poor guy.
Bed-In New Zealand: great, but i think i'll stick to text so i don’t wake andy!
NYC:ToniSant: that's a good idea!
Bed-In New Zealand: did you say you are in hong kong ken?
Bed-In New Zealand: i am fine thanks, can you use text ken?
Bed-In New Zealand: the birds have started singing here. it is now 6 a.m.
Bed-In New Zealand: okay ken, catch you later.
Bed-In New Zealand: oh, i see that ken can't use the text function? i'm still a bit confused about that.
Bed-In New Zealand: that sounds great ken. can you see this text?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, i understand you. can you see this text?
Bed-In New Zealand: okay ken, talk to you later!
wildi30: i dont think he understood
Bed-In New Zealand: no, i'm not sure he could read the text part, or perhaps he wanted to practice his english.
wildi30: well he needed it
Leo: hi
Leo: i live in brazil
Bed-In New Zealand: hello meridian! hello leo! Welcome…
Bed-In New Zealand: where in brazil?
Bed-In New Zealand: come in meridian!
Leo: south america
Bed-In New Zealand: i travelled to brazil a few summers ago.
Meridian: Still trying to catch up with this new fangled technology
Leo: ok
Bed-In New Zealand: i know, you will get the hang of it.
Leo: do you make sex in this bed?
Bed-In New Zealand: leo, we are discussing world peace, for sex you will have to look elsewhere.
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome back la ruse.
Meridian: Anne is being shy.
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted Leo ***
No she says she isn't shy.
Bed-In New Zealand: i would talk to you but andy is trying to get some rest. so is it anne and tony at the keys?
Bed-In New Zealand: so it's 10 in sf now and you just got into the office?
Meridian: No, it is Marina. It'd be nice to hear you, but our monitor doesn't have speakers.
Meridian: Yes it's a little after 10 and we are about to start our MIP meeting
Bed-In New Zealand: wildi and toni - friends of mine in sf just joined us. they run an amazing non-profit gallery there where the youth program is based.
FO AM DO: its a bed-in
Bed-In New Zealand: oh, hello marina! i sent you the finished five year report if that helps for your meeting.
wildi30: hello
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks for your message. who will be at this meeting?
FO AM DO: am i in the middle of some psychadelic business meeting
Bed-In New Zealand: no, just catching up, you are at the bed-in for peace. what are your thoughts on the current global situation?
FO AM DO: messed up
FO AM DO: perhaps i am biased being a US citizen
Bed-In New Zealand: too true. where are you located FO AM DO?
FO AM DO: austin, TX
Bed-In New Zealand: i see.
Bed-In New Zealand: how did you hear about the bed-in?
FO AM DO: i suppose what’s going to happen is already happening
FO AM DO: wheels are in motion
Bed-In New Zealand: for what?
FO AM DO: i didn’t, was just browsing around
FO AM DO: stumbled into your bed
FO AM DO: in
wildi30: well amy I’m gonna surf on, I’ll stop back later
FO AM DO: later wild
Bed-In New Zealand: okay wildi, nice talking with you.
FO AM DO: where's NYC?
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm not sure, he must have stepped away for a bit.
Bed-In New Zealand: hello yashesspace. Welcome…
yashesspace: hello out there
FO AM DO: hello
FO AM DO: not sure peace is an option
Bed-In New Zealand: why not?
FO AM DO: sorry for my conflicting opinion
Bed-In New Zealand: that's okay
FO AM DO: well...
FO AM DO: peace will be achieved after terrorism is dismantled
Bed-In New Zealand: do you think that can happen?
FO AM DO: hopefully
FO AM DO: not completely
FO AM DO: but at least this specific organization...they must go down
yashesspace: all I can say it scares me ..... but looking at it from all angles ..... some idiotic conflict is uavoidable .
Bed-In New Zealand: probably so.
FO AM DO: right
FO AM DO: the conflict began in nyc
FO AM DO: its just continuing
FO AM DO: elsewhere
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm frightened by the idea that people continue these patterns and have seemed to have learned nothing.
yashesspace: where you from Fo
FO AM DO: and you?
yashesspace: Ibiza
yashesspace: Texas
yashesspace: that right
FO AM DO: ibiza
FO AM DO: sorry, but spain?
FO AM DO: yes, texas...sorry
FO AM DO: Austin, Texas
yashesspace: well the humanity is only just waking up to realise that they learn nothing ..... that is a step ahead
FO AM DO: where is ibiza?
yashesspace: Ibiza lies in the Mediteranean sea
FO AM DO: ah
yashesspace: Off coast of spain
FO AM DO: ok, spain....glad to know my geography is somewhat intact
yashesspace: hope you don’t mind smokers
FO AM DO: nah
FO AM DO: we can’t smell it
Bed-In New Zealand: how did you hear about the bed-in yash?
yashesspace: still quite a tradition in spain
FO AM DO: all of europe
Bed-In New Zealand: how did you hear about the bed-in yash?
yashesspace: just cruising through the rooms ..... its all new to me
yashesspace: this a frequent place?
FO AM DO: ive never been
NewYorkCity: this is a pretty unusual room my friends!
FO AM DO: indeed
yashesspace: hey NY is that your pillow?
NewYorkCity: yes...
FO AM DO: maybe he is a pillow
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome back toni
FO AM DO: does the typing wake your sleeping friend, bed in?
Bed-In New Zealand: maybe
NewYorkCity: i've been here the whole time amy...just multitasking that's all-
yashesspace: pretty lively one -
NewYorkCity: amy, our most recent visitors seem to be unaware as to what this is all about.
Bed-In New Zealand: what are people thinking in ibiza yashes about "things"
Bed-In New Zealand: i tried, but i'll try again.
NewYorkCity: or is it because they've been chatting with you privately?
NewYorkCity: your customary greeting always does the trick!
Bed-In New Zealand: Welcome to the bed-in for peace…
FO AM DO: im too hungry to fast....sorry
yashesspace: well it is noticable in the tourist business ......
Bed-In New Zealand: that's okay, you don't have to fast.
yashesspace: less visitors for this time of year
FO AM DO: thanx
FO AM DO: ill bet
FO AM DO: significantly?
Bed-In New Zealand: what do people think? what do you think should happen? copuld happen? want to happen?
yashesspace: do you think fasting will help the world other than do yourself some good?
FO AM DO: what about you, bed in?....what is your stance?
Bed-In New Zealand: well, we are trying to get people together to think about peace as an alternative, and the fast, well, we wanted to do something. we feel so powerless in what is a very complex and difficult situation.
NewYorkCity: since you are part of the world any good you do for yourself is also good for the world.
Bed-In New Zealand: i don't know the answer, just trying to come up with alternatives.
FO AM DO: in world that the answer at this point?
FO AM DO: an alternative to what?
FO AM DO: US lead airstrikes?
Bed-In New Zealand: that's right. every thing counts
yashesspace: I think this planet and its humans are over populated ....... nature takes care in mysterious ways ...... some of us will have to go .... at some time or annother ...... No one wants it to happen to him in person ... that is quite ok ... instinct ..... bu
FO AM DO: right
Bed-In New Zealand: well, i don’t think airstrikes are the answer. and world peace would be a good answer.
FO AM DO: i will continue to be peaceful here
FO AM DO: and many people will be peaceful where they are
FO AM DO: but that situation calls for no peace
FO AM DO: things must be done to install peace
yashesspace: right now Idiots on all sides are playing with their toys .... to the misfortune of maybe thousands
Bed-In New Zealand: perhaps
FO AM DO: to the fortune of thousands
FO AM DO: if the end result is achieved
Bed-In New Zealand: right.
yashesspace: what is the end result ...... kill Bin Laden?
FO AM DO: hey jim
FO AM DO: dismantle taliban
FO AM DO: not a war against bin laden
Jim: almost..
Bed-In New Zealand: hi jim and juuso. Welcome to the bed-in for peace….
FO AM DO: but if he were killed or captured, the strikes would continue
yashesspace: that will not solve any problems .... it might quieten things down for some time ........ we need a total change of conciousness .... in all heads as well as politicians
Bed-In New Zealand: would they? i'm not disagreeing but why?
FO AM DO: because it is a campaign against terrorism, not a single leader
FO AM DO: he is the leader of the organization US is after
FO AM DO: that’s all
Bed-In New Zealand: man's capacity for war and well, evil distresses me and i am grappling with coming to terms with that.
Jim: thats right I agree FO
Bed-In New Zealand: wil terrorism ever end?
yashesspace: we have to change the way we look at things .... now our system too has its bad sides .... otherwise no one would need to terrorize it ...... Western Politics has fucked up too you know
FO AM DO: yes, but nothing can justify 9-11, even fucked up international policy
yashesspace: That is true ........
FO AM DO: doubt about that
FO AM DO: and we need to re evaluate our placement globally
FO AM DO: but we're not an evil nation
yashesspace: It is a fuck up ....... though sponsored a little by the hollywood point of view ....... even this shit with anthrax is like " Outbreak"
Jim: Hitler was a controlled are terrorists. we must and will stop them with support of the rest of the cilivilized world
yashesspace: No one is really an evil nation
FO AM DO: right...but i believe the al quaeda network is evil
yashesspace: Hitler was a mad man so is BinLadin
FO AM DO: yes, his principals display no logic for participating. We would like to hear from you about the current global
FO AM DO: he is in contradiction with the very faith he is "protecting"
FO AM DO: right
NewYorkCity: thank you for coming back to the main chat rather than the private ones.
yashesspace: Funny though that nations are so stupid to follow mad men who are not even from there
FO AM DO: right
FO AM DO: im surprised there's that much radicalism supporting him
FO AM DO: right, and its self-perpetuating
FO AM DO: they train little 10 year old boys
FO AM DO: for combat against someone they dont know
yashesspace: if they caught Bin Ladin .... what do you suggest they should do with him?
juuso: The problems are bigger than one person and his fate
FO AM DO: i suppose they have to try him in court....but most likely he wont survive the war
Jim: No one here wants War... honestly.....people supporting him? ...well I am always not sure we are seeing a staged production of support..
FO AM DO: right
FO AM DO: this is much larger.....there are other terrorist leaders who have never been caught
yashesspace: yep
Jim: That is why the World must go after the leaders of terrorists together
juuso: are western countries innocent of suppression and murdering
FO AM DO: yes, its equally important that we rally the support of other nations
FO AM DO: no
FO AM DO: not completely
yashesspace: well I reckon they schould get all world leaders on one table wth him and really ask the guy what the hell is wrong .... and let him speak infront off all ...... I really want to hear what he really has to say
FO AM DO: cnn is submitting a list of questions for bin laden to answer
FO AM DO: it was actually his idea
Jim: let the families of the 5000 dead ask him
juuso: there is an organization for gathering the leaders round a table: UN
yashesspace: yea hiding in a cave .... no real face to face and honesty of the moment .... even if it’s a lie
Jim: If he was such a great leader witha cause why hasn’t he led his nation -Saudi Arabia? they kicked him out--he was so goofy
yashesspace: that table sounds good
FO AM DO: yes, he is a slimy one.....he denied involvment at first...then all but admitted it
FO AM DO: i guess it’s just curiosity behind his thought process
Jim: Did you want to listen to Hitler too?
FO AM DO: i would probably have some questions for hitler
Jim: hey Adolf why did you want everyone to think YOUR way?
FO AM DO: whats with that little square moustache
FO AM DO: ??
yashesspace: It is sad to see that one person can inflict his own internal angers and fears on a nation..... stupid enough to follow him .......
FO AM DO: great leaders have charisma....and the afghan people are so shielded from the reality of the world
juuso: Who is this HE, you are talking about? Bin Laden only? But the situation can't be only one mans creation. What about all the other people with hatred?
FO AM DO: they have no clue what goes on in our western culture
FO AM DO: they are only taught that its EVIL
yashesspace: that is true
FO AM DO: if they could make an educated decision
FO AM DO: we're the world's police
FO AM DO: everybody dislikes the police when they pull you over
Jim: I think leaders of some nations are real nervous of Western/Europen influences that allow their people to think.. and thus they will lose control of their power and influence in there country..they are affraid
FO AM DO: they are afraid of the truth
yashesspace: It is sad to see that yet again a holy scipture is twisted in such egoistic ways by the unholly that belief itself becomes a guideline to terror ........ the muslims I know only speek the word of peace
FO AM DO: in the U.S.
FO AM DO: right.....this is not a muslim affair
yashesspace: at least to what they have told me in person .....
yashesspace: wow rationalism
juuso: Where is the hatred of the many people in islamic countries coming from? Bin Laden can not have
educated them all?
FO AM DO: right....
FO AM DO: of course...but otherwise
FO AM DO: i think with great power comes great responsibility
yashesspace: I am not muslim but a traveler, and have met many people with many different beliefs ..... they have to all be valued
FO AM DO: right....their religion is not wrong
FO AM DO: terrorism IS
juuso: Finland, Europe
yashesspace: agreed
FO AM DO: people that take it as an attack on the islamic faith are missing the point/situation in some way.
Jim: Tell me---- how many women in Afgahastan can sit in their bed and have conversation with some men or (people)about any topic...and still be respected... This is what they are afraid of, this.
yashesspace: that is true ..... but how lucky we are that we can share this statement
FO AM DO: right
FO AM DO: we are
FO AM DO: in a peaceful situation
star: ANDY?
yashesspace: The west has left many countries out .....when establishing global comunications .... it is this that stimulates free thought and understanding
FO AM DO: what can we do for those women
FO AM DO: what SHOULD we do
FO AM DO: well, my fast is over.....its lunchtime
FO AM DO: it’s been great
FO AM DO: thanx for the points of view all
yashesspace: have a look at the webpage from RAWA ......
yashesspace: I think so ..... search engine will find it
FO AM DO: ok..i’ll check it
FO AM DO: later guys!
yashesspace: Cool see you
yashesspace: has the bed gone to bed ?
yashesspace: looks like
yashesspace: see you later
FO AM DO: I’m too hungry to fast....sorry

Text found and inserted above — can perhaps use as headings?
(I just lost all of this amazing conversation with jim from sf, fo amdo from austin and yashespace from ibiza as well as juasso from? About the nature of evil, terrorism, lack of education, resources, the un, lone evil people vs. climates of terrorism, etc… find tolerance for other opinions is the key. The us being the world police (for it’s own interests) muslims not following blindly after bin laden, etc…)

Bed-In New Zealand: hey tony or jaceee, welcome back - i lost some of the last text, do you have?
Bed-In New Zealand: hi star. Welcome to the bed-in for peace….
Bed-In New Zealand: hi star, andy is sleeping now, my name is amy.
Bed-In New Zealand: hi rowen, Welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: i can't really hear the audio, can you try typing?
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm a bit upset because i lost all of this great conversation from a little while ago.
(text was actually found and inserted!, thanks to yash!)
star: HI AMY
Bed-In New Zealand: hi star, are you rowen?
Bed-In New Zealand: right.
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you think can be done for peace.
Rowen: hallo from holland
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks star, i don't see you in the guest list.
Rowen: make love no war
Bed-In New Zealand: right on rowen.
Bed-In New Zealand: where in holland are you?
Rowen: it is my first time here
Bed-In New Zealand: well, welcome.
star: LOVE..........mmmmmmmmmm
Rowen: in the nord of holland
Bed-In New Zealand: have you used ivisit before and how did you hear about the bed-in?
Rowen: can"t you see my web cam
star: holland.....what a great place
Bed-In New Zealand: i can see you rowen, but not star. it is weird, you are not even listed.
star: yes i can se you
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located star?
star: that’s strange cause i'm in the room
Rowen: what is the time in new zealand at this moment
Bed-In New Zealand: it is 7:32 in the morning here
Bed-In New Zealand: okay star, you just appeared on the guest list.
Patricio: hi all
Bed-In New Zealand: hi patricia and silentwatcher. Welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: actually, i would prefer to use the text right now as my partner is trying to sleep.
Patricio: ok
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks.
Rowen: goodbye
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located patricio?
Patricio: i am in Chile, south america
Bed-In New Zealand: where in chile? and what time is it there?
Patricio: here is now 3:30pm
Bed-In New Zealand: hi yashesspace, welcome back. you don't happen to have some of the text from our earlier conversation? i'm afraid i lost it.
Patricio: friday
yashesspace: hola Patricio
Patricio: you are in future
Bed-In New Zealand: i know, it is so strange to be a day ahead.
yashesspace: well i can look back
Bed-In New Zealand: and it was such a great dialogue! thanks.
yashesspace: how do i send it
Patricio: sorry
Bed-In New Zealand: ooh, great, send it to my email? copy it and put in a text program and send to my
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry about what patricio, oh, for leaving for a bit?
Bed-In New Zealand: that would be fantastic!
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you think about the world situation patricio?
Patricio: my english is limited
Patricio: you speak spanish?
Bed-In New Zealand: that's okay, and i speak a little spanish (and i think yashes speaks both pretty well)
Patricio: i love paz
Bed-In New Zealand: we do too.
Bed-In New Zealand: how can we achieve it?
Bed-In New Zealand: yashes, were you able to find the text?
Bed-In New Zealand: hi star. welcome back. and welcome andrew. Welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: hey nyc. i lost some of my last text, you don't possibly have it, do you?
yashesspace: oh I copied it all to SimpleText where should i send it?...... sorry took a moment
star: what are you missing amy?
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks yashes, you can try pasting it into this box
Bed-In New Zealand: some dialogue that we had a bit ago.
NewYorkCity: my ivisit crashed too.
NewYorkCity: i hadn't saved either.
Bed-In New Zealand: i see, okay.
NewYorkCity: sorry.
yashesspace: I see you are on mac .... its alot .... fancy picking it up on my web page
Bed-In New Zealand: that's okay.
NewYorkCity: and then i couldn't connect for a while...
NewYorkCity: but i think it's because i'm not familiar with iVisit!
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm sorry, did you ask if i was going to be in bed for 48 hours
Bed-In New Zealand: it's tricky to participate and get all the documentation.
star: no if you recording all of this
Bed-In New Zealand: nice to have you back
star: thanx
NewYorkCity: it sure is.
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm trying to capture at least some of the stuff that's happening here.
star: right on
Bed-In New Zealand: any luck yashes? if the text won't paste here, send it to my email -
NewYorkCity: i can't seem to be able to send video for some reason right now.
Bed-In New Zealand: strange, the program is a bit buggy.
star: well i'm getting 5-3fps on my end
Bed-In New Zealand: it is morning here and quite rainy and damp. the birds have stopped singing and taken cover.
star: so you have a site also?
Bed-In New Zealand: what is 5-3fps mean star (escuse my ignorance)?
star: what's on the site?
yashesspace: it is at
Bed-In New Zealand: my site is and my partner's is
star: it's nice and sunny in Hawaii, but i am far too tired to go surfing
yashesspace: surfing .... that should be fun
yashesspace: cool i'll have a look
Bed-In New Zealand: i'll check yours out too! star? site?
NewYorkCity: do you know how to enable video?
NewYorkCity: my window says video disabled...
NewYorkCity: and i can't see what my cam is capturing
yashesspace: you are blank .... you on mac or PC?
NewYorkCity: PC
NewYorkCity: it was working fine earlier...
NewYorkCity: but then my iVisit crashed.
yashesspace: yep ... the pillow
NewYorkCity: and when i came back there was no video from my cam.
NewYorkCity: yep...the pillow!
NewYorkCity: that's me.
star: amy wave please
yashesspace: Got the newest iVisit
NewYorkCity: i downloaded iVisit today. this is my first time on iVisit from this PC.
Bed-In New Zealand: you tried the video settings
NewYorkCity: maybe i just need to restart my system.
NewYorkCity: yes...i tried the settings in preferences.
yashesspace: well that sounds iffy .... try enlarging kbps in network settings
Bed-In New Zealand: i would try that. hope to see you soon!
yashesspace: worked wonders for me
NewYorkCity: ok. see you soon.