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TOPICS discussed include: support for Bin Laden, response to support, extreme options, the extermination solution, mood in Oregon, patriotism, flags, war as retaliation, feelings in Spain, religion, capitalism as religion, black and white and gray, religion and death, visit from ivisit admin

max la menace: i am for the war
Bed-In New Zealand: why so max?
max la menace: and i want the usa dead
Bed-In New Zealand: coffee, water and cigarettes, you’re killing us katy!
Bed-In New Zealand: why is that?
Bed-In New Zealand: max?
katy: (that's what i'm saying! can't even imagine.....)
max la menace: i thing the usa and europe
max la menace: is not good
Dutchy: why?
Bed-In New Zealand: fasting is really testing yourself, the limits of your body, to see what it will stand.
Bed-In New Zealand: max, where are you located?
Max_in_the_UK: muslims do that
Max_in_the_UK: and most asian religions
max la menace: bin laden is a hero and is good
Dutchy: max la menace... what is you opinion on the attack
NewYorkCity: catholics fast too..
NewYorkCity: or at least they used to before vatican II
Bed-In New Zealand: yeah, also jews, but only one day a year. and christians give up something they cherish during lent, so there is a history of this. native americans did it to create otherworldly thoughts, although they were aided by hallucinogens.
Max_in_the_UK: NYC....yeh i guess they do
NewYorkCity: well, sensory deprivation is a hallucinogen in itself.
(private messages deleted)
NewYorkCity: my head is spinning.
max la menace: n y is dead
NewYorkCity: i guess this is where i bow out.
(private messages deleted)
Max_in_the_UK: Has anyone here actually tried sensory deprivation ?
Bed-In New Zealand: nyc, say it isn't so!
NewYorkCity: sensory deprivation is very dangerous.
katy: not on purpose!
Max_in_the_UK: whys that NYC ?
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks for all of your support and participation nyc.
NewYorkCity: i'll be in touch again soon after the bed-in to talk with you and amy about it all.
Max_in_the_UK: katy.............
Max_in_the_UK: tell us more pls
NewYorkCity: the actual bed-in time is not ideal for discussing the event.
(private messages deleted)
NewYorkCity: my pleasure amy!
Brad From Alaska: how many hours are left Andy and Amy?
Brad From Alaska: i did get your pager message
Brad From Alaska: did you get my response?
(private messages deleted)
Brad From Alaska: greetings from anchorage, alaska, usa
(private messages deleted)
Brad From Alaska: how is sf dutchy?
NewYorkCity: peace out fellow earthlings.
NewYorkCity: it's was good to meet you all.
NewYorkCity: see ya.
katy: bye!
Brad From Alaska: toni
Brad From Alaska: hey
NewYorkCity: yes brad?
NewYorkCity: hey...
(private messages deleted)
Brad From Alaska: how r u
Brad From Alaska: oh ok
NewYorkCity: i was just leaving.
NewYorkCity: i'm fading fast.
NewYorkCity: my body is frail.
Brad From Alaska: my vid is off
Brad From Alaska: eat some pulse when the time is right
Brad From Alaska: how are you Amy and Andy
Bed-In New Zealand: hi brad. i'm not sure i understand what u are talking about re: paper message. are you in lv?
NewYorkCity: i don't have the stamina of our friends in NZ.
NewYorkCity: bye brad.
NewYorkCity: bye all.
Brad From Alaska: how many hours do you have remaining
Brad From Alaska: bye toni
Bed-In New Zealand: bye toni!
Brad From Alaska: not yet
Brad From Alaska: i responded to your message
Max_in_the_UK: NYC.........
Brad From Alaska: that andy sent me
Max_in_the_UK: Byeeeeee
Bed-In New Zealand: we have less than 7 hours remaining!
NewYorkCity: peace out!
Bed-In New Zealand: we received one message brad, but we haven't checked in a bit.
(private messages deleted)
Brad From Alaska: and no were leaving tomorrow morning
Brad From Alaska: today is our 11 year anniversary
Bed-In New Zealand: congratulations.
(private messages deleted)
Brad From Alaska: tks
Bed-In New Zealand: so everyone, what was the deal with max la mena?
Bed-In New Zealand: a bit over the top, no?
del: hi
Max_in_the_UK: he might have been playing in his own mind
Bed-In New Zealand: hi del, hi curry, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
katy: don't know why he wouldn't really respond.. too bad
Max_in_the_UK: its not inconceivable to completely empathetic with Bin Laden cause
Bed-In New Zealand: i know, it was such a good chance to potentially break down some walls, but i feel that even being around some of this conversation and vibe may be helpful.
Max_in_the_UK: i am not condoning any deaths caused by that ....merely the beliefs
Brad From Alaska: how long do you have remaining in bed
Bed-In New Zealand: no, it's absolutely not inconceivable, you are right max uk!
del: hello all ..... very concerned about the escalating muslim versus western views of the world right now
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, del, we are concerned as well. what do you think can happen to change that?
(private messages deleted)
Brad From Alaska: what a pulse bar?
(private messages deleted)
del: having lived in the middle east for 10 years of my life, and knowing the feelings re: western values out there, I don't see what can be done .......... bit like the generations of hatred between catholics and protestants in Ireland .......
(private message deleted)
katy: please tell us more about your experiences!
Bed-In New Zealand: we feel a bit helpless and hopeless too, that's why we are having the bed-in, to try to come up with ways of figuring out what can be done, or rather, what we can do.
(private message deleted)
del: I lived in the UAE and Oman ..... very nice locals - made me feel very welcome - they were concerned about the potential that muslim fundamentalism had to divide the world, and they - being predominantly sunni muslims, as opposed to the shiite muslims
Brad From Alaska: ok i will look forward from hearing from you. i hope we can do business together and help others eat and feel better at least
del: half my message disappeared ! Dam !
(private message deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: hi pat, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: that sucks del, yes, there does seem to be limit on how much text at one time!
(private message deleted)
Pat ∞: Hi, Bed.
Bed-In New Zealand: hi pat, where are you located?
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks brad. take care and have a good day and trip.
Max_in_the_UK: Byeee Brad
Brad From Alaska: bye all
Bed-In New Zealand: whoops, lost del and pat, much pandemonium on the server.
Brad From Alaska: see ya
Bed-In New Zealand: so, any follow up thoughts on max la mean and del?
Max_in_the_UK: is it Amy power now on the keyboard ?
Dutchy: so what do you guys think should be the solution to get peace?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, amy is typing now. andy is taking a bit of a snooze.
Bed-In New Zealand: that's a good question dutchy. less anger, more understanding of other peoples.
Bed-In New Zealand: hello welshe, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: and welcome back barbarama! how are you today?
barborama: hi there you two! i'm well, thanks! and you?
Bed-In New Zealand: we are fine, tired and hungry is our typical response.
Bed-In New Zealand: it's been an amazing experience.
Max_in_the_UK: Dutchy .......
barborama: i'm glad the weather is cooperating for the bed-in - nice and crappy/cloudy.
Dutchy: yes max
Bed-In New Zealand: hello brenneke and lara croft, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Dutchy: no, no, that's not right
Max_in_the_UK: kill all 1 billion muslims......and scorch the earth they occupy or....
Max_in_the_UK: we all march in to their countries ......hands on heads and give ourselves up as prisoners to them
Bed-In New Zealand: extreme options, no?
Max_in_the_UK: i guess so
Max_in_the_UK: i like to think about extremes at times
Max_in_the_UK: however silly
Bed-In New Zealand: what is the middle ground?
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome back kay!
Dutchy: it's the group of fanatic twisted muslims, that make all other muslims look bad. They use their religion as an excuse for war and terror.
Bed-In New Zealand: kay is here now too online. it has been raining hard for two days which has made being in bed cozy. andy is snoring now.
Bed-In New Zealand: yes for me too, sorry people, that was supposed to be private, i won't bore you again, tough technology to master.
Bed-In New Zealand: hello marc and atilla, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
barborama: hi kay. barb here, down in christchurch. how are you?
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted ATILLA ***
good call bed
Bed-In New Zealand: many things for the moderator to deal with!
barborama: yeah, good on you!
Bed-In New Zealand: hello marc, tool and sony, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Sony: salut
Bed-In New Zealand: hello josh, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: anyway, dutchy, that was a good point you made about fanaticism and islam. fanaticism in any culture or religion can be extremely problematic.
barborama: have you gotten any feedback from people from locales other than the us and europe?
Max_in_the_UK: what did i miss......never saw barborama
Max_in_the_UK: ooops sorry barborama ....i meant ATTILLA
barborama: no offense taken...
Bed-In New Zealand: the usual exhibitionism! kind of adds comic relief i think, and i enjoy the welcomes to names like big dick and attila!
Max_in_the_UK: Lol
Bed-In New Zealand: but really, it is people just looking for connection in different ways.
Bed-In New Zealand: barbarama is a friend of mine from sf now living in christchurch, nz
Bed-In New Zealand: kay is the director of the residency where andy and i are. i think she will be back.
Bed-In New Zealand: we have a special guest bringing us flowers!
Max_in_the_UK: us
(private messages deleted)
Max_in_the_UK: invite them on cam to wave
Dutchy: it's hard, i believe impossible, to talk to those people. so exterminating them is the only solution left to let the world live without terror and fear. what do you think?
Bed-In New Zealand: kate coolahan is here and i will ask her to step into view.
Bed-In New Zealand: we are having an open day here today for the program - new pacific studio so now people get to view the bed-in in person.
barborama: hi kate!
Bed-In New Zealand: well dutchy, i feel like there are other options!
louise & franck: hi
louise & franck: how are you
(private messages deleted)
Dutchy: I must agree, tell me some.
Bed-In New Zealand: hello louise and franck, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: goodnight l and f. thanks for stopping by
Bed-In New Zealand: we are seeking world peace!
Max_in_the_UK: Why dont your guests ever open their cams ?
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm afraid you will have to go elsewhere for "fun"
(private messages deleted)
amosl: how is bed in going so far?
Bed-In New Zealand: i don't think all of our friends have cams unfortunately.
(private messages deleted)
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted louise & franck ***
Tell Andy hello from Amos.
Dutchy: are you making a picture of us?
Bed-In New Zealand: anyway, thanks for asking amosl, the bed in has been great. we have been discussing world peace with people from all over.
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, our friend kate is taking some slides for us! thanks for noticing!
Dutchy: smile everybody andy is making a picture
amosl: Any exciting developments? Here in Oregon, war seems far away.
Bed-In New Zealand: andy says hello amos!
Dutchy: who is talking?
Bed-In New Zealand: amos is a friend of andy's from san francisco!
Bed-In New Zealand: amos was talking (we think) and then andy!
amosl: I was wondering about that
Bed-In New Zealand: exciting developments, no. developments yes amos.
Dutchy: okay... came true really clear.
barborama: i could hear amos, but not andy...
katy: <okay, 6 hours and counting...>
Bed-In New Zealand: just what i was thinking katy!
amosl: Ah yes I was talking, but I cannot hear anyone else. I am not familiar with this chat program. I'd like to hear your voices too.
amosl: do tell about developments though they aren't exciting.
(private messages deleted)
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted girl and man ***
I am off, good luck bed-in, maybe till next time
katy: THANK YOU!
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks for participating dutchy! peace be with you!
Bed-In New Zealand: not a problem katy! anytime.
Dutchy: yes max
Max_in_the_UK: byeeeeee
Dutchy: peace to you all :)
storiastai: hello
Dutchy: Max
Bed-In New Zealand: thanks dutchy! bye now.
Max_in_the_UK: yes
Dutchy: byeee
Max_in_the_UK: seeee ya ........
Bed-In New Zealand: hello storiastai, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
Bed-In New Zealand: amos, how are things in oregon?
storiastai: tkx bed in NZ
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome back tool.
amosl: Hmm. Online chat is a strange way to talk about serious subjects. Are you finding it effective?
storiastai: is difficult and strange movement with a 11 sept ... in the world
TOOL: thanks bed
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, it has been very effective.
amosl: In Oregon things are chilly and killing seems abstract. So far there's only been one peace demo that I heard of, but unfortunately I slept through it.
storiastai: dramatical
katy: if everyone could, maybe (re)state the current political climate in their area of the world....
Bed-In New Zealand: tool, we are fasting and meditating on world peace, if you want to talk privately to someone, i suggest you look in another room.
amosl: So are you guys connecting mostly with old friends like me or new folks?
Bed-In New Zealand: that's a good idea katy.
TOOL: ok sorry
Bed-In New Zealand: no problem, peace.
Bed-In New Zealand: it's been a mix amos but mostly new people. and some new people feel like old friends now! katy, max, nyc, jacee. people have really been going the distance with us.
katy: for me, in s. florida (an area, i might say, that has a vast array of ethnicities) is quite disturbing... flags everywhere i go, violence-based t-shirts and bumper sticker being sold in every corner store and no one gathering collectively.
Bed-In New Zealand: nz has been mellow, a few anthrax scares, fear about tourism dropping mainly.
katy: i can't shake the feeling that quite a few people are donning flags and other gear as a form of self-defense. i find that the areas that contain a high concentration of dark-skinned persons (from everywhere) seem to be the most decorated.
storiastai: in france and italy too is disturbing
katy: actually, the first case of anthrax was found about 20 minutes from here...
Bed-In New Zealand: tell us more storiastai.
Bed-In New Zealand: i know katy, in the same office park where my brother in law works! i was so freaked out.
storiastai: more BAD joke with particular of Anthrax in letter ...
katy: ft. lauderdale
BrianDormCam: where you at Katy?
storiastai: in France
katy: FL
BrianDormCam: ahh
Bed-In New Zealand: hi brian, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
katy: wow!
barborama: most of the people in NZ whom i've talked to are quite critical of the stance the US has taken. there have been several peace demonstrations in christchurch since sept. 11, and there are weekly peace walks planned.
Bed-In New Zealand: and, getting back to another question, we have been talking to people from all over, including a guest from islamabad, and del who had lived in the mid-east for 10 years.
barborama: what was their perspective?
amosl: About flags and self defense. I don't know. Here is seems more like folks feel the need to express something, but can't quite articulate it. The flag stands in for a personal reaction. I don't see a lot of people yelling and waving flags; mostly just pi
Bed-In New Zealand: hello alberto and ara, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
storiastai: ciao alberto
Bed-In New Zealand: zorro from pakistan was interested in a peaceful solution, i'll have to go through the transcripts to find out exactly wht he said.
Bed-In New Zealand: del was not very positive about the muslim situation, he believes the animosity between sunni and shiite cannot be solved.
amosl: I'd like to see the transcripts of this when it's done.
amosl: I've come quite late in the bed-in, and think I may have missed a lot.
Bed-In New Zealand: zorro is also a devout muslim and thinks that the people of afghanistan had seen enough war!
Bed-In New Zealand: oh, don't worry amos, there's always new stuff happening. what's your take on the situation?
(private message deleted)
amosl: The war is a joke in the sense that it's positioned as retaliation, but I don't see how it could possibly be effective in that way.
Bed-In New Zealand: we are thinking about putting the transcripts on the web site that we created for the event when it is over.
katy: definately a good idea!
amosl: I think it started as a PR move to make Americans feel like something is being done
(private messages deleted)
storiastai: all in private ?
Bed-In New Zealand: okay, hosts are back!
storiastai: better
Bed-In New Zealand: everybody okay, did we miss anything important!
Bed-In New Zealand: and, hello gargo, welcome to the bed-in for peace...
kay: what does private mean in this medium?
Bed-In New Zealand: kay- you can talk to someone privately by hitting the private button but i'm afraid i may have missed the beginning of that conversation.
Bed-In New Zealand: alberto and ara- where are you located and what is happening in that part of the world (sorry if you have already noted this).
Bed-In New Zealand: same to you fargo!
Bed-In New Zealand: (nice shirt by the way!)
Alberto & Ara: we're in venice, ca
FargoProxy: thanks
Bed-In New Zealand: what's happening in venice, ca?
Alberto & Ara: it's very quiet lately...
Bed-In New Zealand: how so?
Bed-In New Zealand: fargo
Bed-In New Zealand: ? fargo, s.da?
storiastai: bbl
FargoProxy: where'd you go?
FargoProxy: yes?
Alberto & Ara: after the attack in n.y. the city has just quieted down alot
katy: mixture of cohen bros movies?
Bed-In New Zealand: storiastai, what is bbl? and please remind me of where you are located.
Bed-In New Zealand: good one katy.
Bed-In New Zealand: has it affected you personally alberto? and what do you think of the US action in afghanistan?
Bed-In New Zealand: same to you fargo!
Alberto & Ara: I had four friends killed
Bed-In New Zealand: i mean, same question to you!
Bed-In New Zealand: really, how terrible. in the tower, on the plane?
Bed-In New Zealand: how are you handling that?
Alberto & Ara: all in the tower
Bed-In New Zealand: wow, words escape me now.
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry to hear about your loss alberto.
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you think is the proper recourse?
Alberto & Ara: thanks
Bed-In New Zealand: hello louis and new user, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
louis: Inglis no speak
Alberto & Ara: get the people responsible and get out of their countries
Bed-In New Zealand: espanol louis
Bed-In New Zealand: ?
katy: hi wildi!
Bed-In New Zealand: do you think that really is possible alberto?
Alberto & Ara: why not?
Bed-In New Zealand: i hope you are right alberto, without too many undeserving people getting hurt.
Bed-In New Zealand: we are trying to find peaceful solutions!
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: hello couple, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Erizo: Hi from Spain
Bed-In New Zealand: hello erizo, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Bed-In New Zealand: what do people think in Spain about the current situation? what do you think erizo?
Erizo: do you mean the 11 Sept. situation?
Bed-In New Zealand: well, the current aftermath of sept. 11
Bed-In New Zealand: hello wannabe, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
Erizo: Well, it is a global echonomy and the situation is affecting every country the same way
Erizo: In Spain we have Morocco at our south
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, you think it is the "right" thing to do?
Bed-In New Zealand: where in Spain are you?
Erizo: And we have a lot of arab inmigrants in our country working in Agriculture
Erizo: I am in Madrid
Erizo: I think people are very histerical
wildi30: so how long have ya been in florida
Erizo: i don’t know if it is the same word in english
Bed-In New Zealand: lovely city Madrid
Erizo: We can die for a thunder or a car accident and people don’t stop driving a car
Bed-In New Zealand: hysterical is people acting very emotionally and rashly, is that what you mean.
Bed-In New Zealand: right, people are very scared!
Erizo: I don’t know why people stop traveling in planes
Bed-In New Zealand: well, everyone seems to be dealing with the crisis in their own way, some people feel like it is their duty to continue flying and "show the terrorists", others just can't handle the stress that flying would cause them.
Bed-In New Zealand: how do the arab immigrants and the spaniards get along?
Erizo: I thing we get along correctly
Erizo: Spaniards are a population with all kinds of culture in it
Erizo: Spain was ocupated almost completely during 600 years
Bed-In New Zealand: that's good to hear. at least some peole are getting along.
Erizo: we have a lot of arab genes in ourselves
Erizo: French peolpe have invaded us
Erizo: well, We are a mixture of all kinds of races
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you think of the US going into afghanistan?
Erizo: mmmm, they have the power to do that
Bed-In New Zealand: so, because someone has power means that they should automatically use it?
Erizo: I wonder if for example Spain were attacked by the Taliban. Will Otan or the Onu let us attack Afganistan?
Erizo: i think not
Erizo: Otan = NATO
Bed-In New Zealand: right, why should the us attack without going through nato?
Erizo: I am not agree with the attack of USA.
Erizo: I think they can solve it without attacking
Erizo: There are a lot of conflicts in the world, like Israel and Palestina, etc
Bed-In New Zealand: i would have at least wanted them to put the effort into a peaceful solution.
Erizo: The ideas don´t change with force or power
katy: what do you think of that situation in israel and palestine?
Erizo: Religion have made a lot of good things and bad things
Erizo: That conflict is because religion or ideas
Erizo: The only reason to fight is because that land belongs to their religion or to the other one
Erizo: You can´t fight because 1000 years ago that land belonged to you
amosl: bye all.
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you think can be done?
Erizo: They have to change their way of thinking
katy: who?
Erizo: The radicalism is no way
Erizo: Both: Israel and Palestina
barborama: great thing you're doing! have a nice rest, amy! bye all, for now!
Bed-In New Zealand: whose radicalism?
Erizo: Katy, where are you?
katy: s. florida...
Erizo: So you are american?
Erizo: religion radicalism
Erizo: Narrow minded
Erizo: Religion it is not the only thing and explanation of the life
Bed-In New Zealand: bye barb, see you soon!
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, i agree with all that
katy: i agree as well
Bed-In New Zealand: but i also think there's another religion we don't think about much - capitalism
Bed-In New Zealand: that's what's really mucking up the planet
Bed-In New Zealand: greed and self interest
katy: (did i spell that right?)
Erizo: We need to have a mind wide open
Erizo: nothing is black or white
Erizo: it is always grey
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, that is true
Erizo: and we don´t have to critic what is not our problem
Bed-In New Zealand: but at some stage, a choice has to be made
katy: no its not, and that's the problem... too many people are trying to explain these situations in black and white and never consider where they meet in between....where solutions are found
Bed-In New Zealand: well said
Bed-In New Zealand: the choice can be to be grey - truth is the mix of knowledge and doubt
kimo: hello
Bed-In New Zealand: kimo welcome to the bed-in for peace…
katy: right, by in between, i don't necissarily mean 'the middle' (which i consider to be perhaps the most dangerous)
Erizo: I wonder what would happen is USA don`t do anything, Taliban will start to think what is happening
Bed-In New Zealand: that's a good question
katy: yeah, i've wondered that too...
Erizo: violence always makes more violence
samhainn: hello
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, would doing nothing defeat Bin Laden? or would he just keep going until he got a response?
Bed-In New Zealand: hello samhainn, welcome to the bed-in for peace…
samhainn: sorry i m a french
Bed-In New Zealand: don't be sorry
Bed-In New Zealand: nous parlons petit peu francais
samhainn: you speak a little french?
Bed-In New Zealand: oui
samhainn: ok
samhainn: bien
Bed-In New Zealand: erizo you speak french?
samhainn: hello katy
leo: salut
Erizo: No, only spanish and english
Bed-In New Zealand: welcome to the bed-in for peace…
katy: hello!
Erizo: hello Katy
Bed-In New Zealand:
salut leo!
leo: salut tout le monde!! faites la paix et non la guerre
Erizo: i think that you don´t receive my sentences
Bed-In New Zealand: oui!
Bed-In New Zealand: leo - tu parles anglais?
(private messages deleted)
samhainn: you speak frzench katy?
katy: no... sorry!
samhainn: ok
(private messages deleted)
samhainn: you live in new zealand?
Erizo: who is at the telephone?
Bed-In New Zealand: leo - what do you think of the US response to the attacks?
Erizo: Katy is a bit conectrated in her chats
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: so where were we....
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted luys ***
Bed-In New Zealand:
phew, luys was letting it all hang out
katy: lost your train of thought? so am i!
Erizo: anyone read me?
katy: i can just now
Erizo: beautiful smile, Katy
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry, Erizo what was your question?
Erizo: well, more laugh than smile
Erizo: No question, but i thought i was talking for myself
katy: yeah... what's the topic at hand at the moment?
Bed-In New Zealand: you were saying that religion was not the only explanation for life
FargoProxy: the password is... perriwinkle
Erizo: good memory
Bed-In New Zealand: but perhaps it is the only thing that has given a meaning to death?
Erizo: yes, but religion must be understood as a way of thinking, not a way of life
Bed-In New Zealand: <what was perriwinkle about?>
Erizo: and no religions have all the answers, because religion has been made by men for men
katy: okay... forgive me for this one...but don't you think that you could also say that life gives meaning to death!?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes
katy: yes, and in many cases it is quite literally, "by men, for men"
Erizo: in life we learn, death is the end of our learning
Erizo: til the next life
Bed-In New Zealand: yes
Bed-In New Zealand: so you believe in re-incarnation?
wildi30: depends on what you belive in death is part of life
Erizo: and our life can teach other people
Erizo: yes
Bed-In New Zealand: i'll leave that for Katy
Erizo: i believe in reincarnation
katy: yikes!
Erizo: it is like University, we are passing years or grades as lifes
wildi30: history repeats itself ,,, no one has learnt yet
Erizo: i don´t think we can learn everything we have to learn in one life
Bed-In New Zealand: sometimes i think it would be good to die - that i could do it happily, feeling like my life had some meaning or impact in a positive way
Bed-In New Zealand: sometimes it seems like a dark chasm of nothingness
katy: okay, for example, i'm an atheist and death has a great deal of meaning to me and the lives of others mean a great deal to me.... so where does that leave me in this conversation concerning religion and meaning (for example only)
Erizo: i don´t have threat in death
Erizo: is something necessary
Erizo: and there is no infierno
Bed-In New Zealand: well, i think we all have our own religion to some extent, atheism is a belief system and a religion to some extent - or am i pushing the definition too far
FargoProxy: understanding the categorical imperative
FargoProxy: too far
katy: this conversation has the capacity to continue forever... perhaps we could narrow the scope a bit in order to sort of "get somewhere" (sorry if i sound mean... don't mean to)
Erizo: i don´t have a defined religion
Erizo: Mine is a mixture of lots of religion
Erizo: well, i don´t have a religion, i have a way of thinking
Bed-In New Zealand: religion (personal or organized) is what we use to make sense of the world?
FargoProxy: people don't "practice" atheism
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry - that's my last vague statement on religion
FargoProxy: or some do i suppose
Erizo: You are never mean, Katy
FargoProxy: i don't even like the term
katy: semantics..... yikes..... getting crazy
FargoProxy: it's too much of a category
Bed-In New Zealand: katy - you look frustrated
Bed-In New Zealand: which "somewhere" do you want to get to?
katy: i just don't know! sort of... i got like this when i was a dorky member of the philosophy club.. i get all twitchy cause i see that the conversation topic is sooooo wide that we end up going in circles........
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, it was getting like that
Erizo: yes, Katy
Erizo: you are right
katy: oh goody! i'm not alone here!
katy: (it might also be the coffee)
katy: so... whoops, didn't mean to stop all conversation.... please continue...
Bed-In New Zealand: what's going on in Ft L tonight?
Erizo: i will continue if you continue smiling
katy: not much.... my boyfriend just left to work on his computer with a friend not too long ago and i decided to stay here... hoping to be here till the end
Bed-In New Zealand: only 4 hours to go
♥ michael: G'day
(private messages deleted)
Bed-In New Zealand: if conversation wanes bring on the cats!
katy: not so bad!
katy: it always helps me! (the cats, i mean)
(private message deleted)
katy: hello michael!
♥ michael: G'day(private messages about the deletion of this ivisit folder deleted)
katy: do you have any opinions that you would like to discuss?
♥ michael: i was giving a polite warning about folder deletion but ...
♥ michael: <- iVisit Server Admin
Bed-In New Zealand: why is the folder going to be deleted?
♥ michael: the iVisit World Directories are being restructured as the notice has said for days
Bed-In New Zealand: so should we move it to Oceania?
katy: yes.... lets!
♥ michael: I came in to give polite warning .... but <shrug>
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry, i'm new at this
katy: forgive my complete ignorance, but, does that include indonesia?
Bed-In New Zealand: ok guys, if we get cut off by admin the group will restart in the Oceania Folder.
katy: OK!
Bed-In New Zealand: simi welcome to the bed-in for peace…
katy: world/oceania/bed-in?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes
Bed-In New Zealand: or oceania/new zealand /bed-in if there is one
(some lost text)