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TOPICS discussed include: ivisit, internet chat, peace, anthrax, bed-in as performance

blkmale4u: hi
blkmale4u: who r u
blkmale4u: hello
blkmale4u: r u there
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, we're here in bed
jaceee: it's late evening for you?
Bed-In New Zealand: its 8:30pm on friday
Bed-In New Zealand: 1.5 hours north of wellington
jaceee: nothing like 20000 km distance, eh? about as close to the other side of the world as you can get from Carelia, here in Finland, on the Russian border...
jaceee: have you had any other visits online?
Bed-In New Zealand: does anyone out there have a mike?
(private text from blkmale4u and from FABIOcam noting various body texts has been removed)
jaceee: I noticed your event was announced on Rhizome...
jaceee: you might get serious action soon...
Bed-In New Zealand: everyone, this is a serious event, concerning world peace, if you want to talk about other stuff please go somewhere else
(private text from FABIOcam noting various body texts has been removed)
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted FABIO CAM ON ***
you should have put a password on the room, set it for 16 occupants
jaceee: and only had the password on the web site...
jaceee: or on emails announcements, not had an open room
jaceee: sorr, the audio isn’t good enough to understand
jaceee: I am on a gigabit network backbone here, I think you are on a dial-up line maybe?
Bed-In New Zealand: anyhow, we wanted an open room so anyone could join in - too idealist perhaps. how did you hear about this? Yes, in answer to you last question
jaceee: the rhizome mailing list
Bed-In New Zealand: good night (to a private blkmale4u message)
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you think of it. we have mixed feelings, as do others
jaceee: of what?
jaceee: yeah, it depends, though, sometimes it breaks up
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry, i meant this project
jaceee: sounded not like a New Zealand accent-
jaceee: well, you never know... it may turn out very interesting
jaceee: ahah, so the audio is okay...
jaceee: no, Carelia in central north Finland, on the Russian border
Bed-In New Zealand: as you said earlier, sorry it got confusing back there
jaceee: I am an artist and teacher working in the intersection of communications technology and art
jaceee: FYI
Bed-In New Zealand: and, what's the word in Finland about the terrorist situation and the us response?
jaceee: not much. people were shocked at the initial event, but nothing much after that...
jaceee: oh, not really, it's large, so,
jaceee: around 1000 pages
jaceee: just a minute, let me think of a text or so...
Bed-In New Zealand: is the whole site yours?
jaceee: yez
jaceee: maybe eight dialogues...
Bed-In New Zealand: just got there
jaceee: project description, maybe 3rd 4th paragraph...
jaceee: idea of dialogue as networked activism or something like that...
Bed-In New Zealand: we're reading it now
Bed-In New Zealand: are you from Finland?
jaceee: no from Alaska originally, but have lived in Europe for 12 years now
jaceee: I left when the Reagan years were in a frenzy
jaceee: I was in the WTC 2 weeks before.
Bed-In New Zealand: shit
bob: hi from oregon
jaceee: hey, if you click in your own video window, you can put a text below the image...
bob: so what time is it in new zealand?
jaceee: hey Bob, what brought you here?
jaceee: rhizome?
bob: I am new at this and just wanted to meet some people from other countries... so why don't you have a video jacee?
jaceee: good connection latin -- I get 26 fps!
latin: here from nyc
jaceee: I am using my DVcam to dub some tapes at the moment, so...
latin: really thats great
latin: ivist has no women
Bed-In New Zealand: it's 8:52pm on Friday in NZ
latin: population of women is like 3
jaceee: better to go to a local bar if yo uwant to meet women, latin...
jaceee: yep?
jaceee: so, you folks Lennon-Ono fans...
bob: well it's late here in oregon...i better go it was nice meeting you all bye
jaceee: probably the obvious question
Bed-In New Zealand: yep
jaceee: I have about 75 Lennon/Ono albums somewhere...
jaceee: always relevant!
Bed-In New Zealand: well, after that little flurry of activity here we are again
jaceee: Ono was and still is one of the most important living artists...
jaceee: of course, Lennon, in his way
jaceee: She had an exhibition that was touring Scandinavia in the mid-90's where she came to Iceland (I was living there then)
jaceee: she's mind-blowing, WAY ahead of her time, like Louise Bourgeoise
Bed-In New Zealand: very true. there is also a nice review of the yes yoko ono exhibition at, a new internet pub that i am involved with. and, i agree about her being way ahead of her time! incendiary.
jaceee: I can remember playing her albums back in the 70's and it just freaked people out...
jaceee: they did some vinyl then that, yeah, incendiary
jaceee: vinyl
jaceee: oh yeah?:
I use the text window thing to help teach my son English .. he reads it aloud to me...
jaceee: yeah...? (audio asking about ivisit and other webcam programs)
jaceee: about 4 years? maybe and other stuff like cuseeme for 6?
jaceee: somehting like that
jaceee: IRC for 8 years
jaceee: uh, well, the pasword on the room, to filter out the jerks, though that is part of the territory
jaceee: otherwise, let's see. you can record the session, and that might be good for documentation
jaceee: well, it's mostly pervs trawling...
jaceee: the voice will be recorded
Bed-In New Zealand: no text?
jaceee: well, I shouldnt be so negative...
jaceee: no, the text you have to copy paste
jaceee: select it in the window and paste to a simple text doc or something
jaceee: yeah
jaceee: so, how long will you go?
jaceee: on for
jaceee: you just started, right?
jaceee: okay, cool. I'll leave my connection running here. I've made some screen shots
jaceee: and will check in from time to time
Bed-In New Zealand: right on, peace!
Bed-In New Zealand: nice to meet you
jaceee: you know how to do that? apple-shift-3 keys?
jaceee: you might want that for doc, too...
Bed-In New Zealand: that's a good idea!
jaceee: you will hear the machine make a "click" and the pit file is saved at the upper level of the HD
jaceee: pict file
Bed-In New Zealand: yup, got it, thanks!
jaceee: when I first read about the project, I thought, "oh no, not ..."
Bed-In New Zealand: and now?
jaceee: but, you know, the elegance of much of lennono's works were in their simplicity and a-historical relevance -- can be repeated daily!
Bed-In New Zealand: like the bed-in!
jaceee: connection and dialogue is essential these days, and simply is not happening.
Bed-In New Zealand: too true...
jaceee: yes, the spontaneity of their performative-type happenings (along with other Fluxus events...)
Bed-In New Zealand: what are you students saying about the war?
Bed-In New Zealand: by the way here's our websites: and
jaceee: well, we are in what might be one of the safest corners of the world, they are following the media, some of them looking for alternative sources, and I feed them info from my global network
jaceee: Finland had a savage war with the Soviets in 1939, and the front line ran through the town I am in
jaceee: so there is very much living memory of WAR
Bed-In New Zealand: um... your global network, can you say more?
jaceee: that changes peoples perceptions immediately
jaceee: well, I have built up a network of individuals who I work with, a personal network of different kinds of people, and I get a lot of flow from that which I redistribute to the various student groups that I work with
JMPO: hello new zeland
jaceee: I teach in about 15 universities/academies each year
Bed-In New Zealand: wow, that sounds exhausting... and hello JMPO
jaceee: well, it is an important facet of my work, to practice community-building...
jaceee: sorry, what did you say?
JMPO: hello like they are small, it is at night over there I am of mexico and I send a greeting to all
jaceee: apple-shift-3
jaceee: yeah, stay in touch after this action, eh?
jaceee: my email is on the site
Bed-In New Zealand: ok, we'll be in touch
jaceee: hallo JMPO
JMPO: hi jaceee
jaceee: si comprendo espanol..
JMPO: a que bien hablas el espanol
jaceee: donde in Mexico?
JMPO: si yo soy de mexico
jaceee: si, bueno...
JMPO: y tu eres de new zeland
jaceee: I am in Finland... Andy and Amy are in New Zealand
JMPO: ah ok
jaceee: (you write spanish, I English, is that ok?)
Bed-In New Zealand: yo comprendo poquito talvez
JMPO: como gustes
jaceee: gotta run, will be back later!
JMPO: hola bed que bien que entiendes no importa que sea poquito
JMPO: now I have to leave takes care and I send them a greeting from here ok
Bed-In New Zealand: adios jacee, hasta la vista
JMPO: bye, bye
Bed-In New Zealand: hello oasis! how did you hear about the bed-in?
oasis: hello cpl-
oasis: i hear nothing
Bed-In New Zealand: okay, i'll write instead.
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you located oasis?
oasis: in france
oasis: you are too far in your cam! lol
oasis: i not see you very well
Bed-In New Zealand: i see. are you participating in the bed-in
oasis: why not :-)
Bed-In New Zealand: where in france are you?
oasis: paris
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you think about the situation in afghanistan
oasis: what time is it in new zelend?
(removed private text from SANGLIER)
salva3: hi
Bed-In New Zealand: it is 10:15 p.m. here, and in paris?
oasis: 11.15 am
Bed-In New Zealand: hi salva, nice pecs.
Bed-In New Zealand: hi sanglier, what do you think about the war?
oasis: make love not war!
Bed-In New Zealand: right on oasis!
Bed-In New Zealand: so, who else is fasting for peace?
oasis: are you going to play nice cpl?
(removed private text from SANGLIER)
Bed-In New Zealand: what is cpl?
Bed-In New Zealand: non
oasis: couple
(removed private text from SANGLIER)
Bed-In New Zealand: oh
oasis: not couple?
Bed-In New Zealand: that'll cost 100,000F
(removed private text from SANGLIER)
Bed-In New Zealand: does anybody want to talk about peace?
prince: yope
prince: lets talk
prince: what about peace?
Bed-In New Zealand: let's give it a chance
prince: lol
prince: ok
Bed-In New Zealand: Like stop bombing afghanistan, and what does lol mean?
prince: you are from where?
prince: nothing
Bed-In New Zealand: New Zealand
prince: its mean lough
prince: oh
Bed-In New Zealand: and you? where from?
Bed-In New Zealand: hey, nice curtains!
prince: im from country that her people was dead every day
Bed-In New Zealand: can you be more specific?
prince: im from holyland (jerusalem)
prince: so know jrusalem
prince: yes or now
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you mean "her people was dead every day?" we know jerusalem
prince: i live in palastein
prince: and you hear at any news about kill
Bed-In New Zealand: how did you find out about the bed-in?
Bed-In New Zealand: or did you arrive here by chance?
prince: so are u understand me
prince: ok
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, we know something about palestine
Bed-In New Zealand: what do you thnk of the US actions in afghanistan?
prince: relly
prince: raelly*
Bed-In New Zealand: we don't understand
prince: if the reason is 100% right its goood
prince: arent you speak english
Bed-In New Zealand: i tried talking on microphone, did you hear?
prince: sorry
prince: my speaker is offline
Bed-In New Zealand: OK. We think bombing afghanistan will make matters worse - more terrorism, more death
Bed-In New Zealand: JACEE are you there?
Bed-In New Zealand: hi star.
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: why so private onateag?
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: unfortunately no.
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: no comprende, ingles?
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: espanol?
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: francais? alemano?
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: mac es fabuloso
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: un poquito aqui
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: no se.
Bed-In New Zealand: otra vez por favor
(removed private text from onatag)
Bed-In New Zealand: we can't understand you my friend but we like being able to hear you, it is almost like a yoko ono album!
Bed-In New Zealand: 10:57 pm in New Zealand
(removed private text from onatag)
star: 11:57 hawaii
(removed private text from onatag)
star: aloha
Bed-In New Zealand: aloha
(removed private text from onatag)
(removed private text from LOLO & CARO)
*** Bed-In New Zealand has booted UGO ***
I should be in bed right now
(removed private text from LOLO & CARO)
Bed-In New Zealand: star - how did you get to come by here?
star: you 2 look super cozie
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, we are fasting for world peace
star: i not sure
Bed-In New Zealand: about what
Bed-In New Zealand: onataeg - your audio is very bad
(removed private text from LOLO & CARO)
(removed private text from onatag)
CAMI: very bad line so lets chat 4 a while
Bed-In New Zealand: hello cami
i was checking out i couple of my room to see if any of my fam or freinds were on and just desided to give to my positive vibrations
CAMI: i drink for the peace 2 come!
jaceee: some big action now, eh? cool..
Bed-In New Zealand: right on!
Bed-In New Zealand: but, can we do more than drink to it? can we make it happen?
star: cool?
jaceee: c'est cool, non? star?
CAMI: well maybe my goverment will.
CAMI: i am an Israely live in Korea
star: you 2 may be fastig for a while
jaceee: what are you doing in Korea?
CAMI: i make oiercing
LOLO & CARO: bonjour a tous
LOLO & CARO: comment allez vous
CAMI: Piercing
jaceee: that's your job?
CAMI: VP marketing
CAMI: and you
CAMI: facew please
jaceee: so there's such a demand in Korea, that they import Israelis?
jaceee: sorry, my DV cam is being used for some video dubbing at the moment...
CAMI: Ha, Ha, Ha no i am the company
jaceee: okay
CAMI: no prob
jaceee: wild world.
CAMI: do you have a face by chance or creation
star: A&A how long have you ben fasting now
jaceee: by chance, yes I do have a face... ;-)
Bed-In New Zealand: only for 2 hours!
Bed-In New Zealand: not your face
Bed-In New Zealand: we have 46 to go
CAMI: he andy, is that Imac to go !
star: whats the longest you have gone without eating?
jaceee: hey, I assume you have a dedicated phone line — doesn’t that cost each minute in NZ?
Bed-In New Zealand: star - we've gone 3 days before, jaycee - we have unllimited free dialup
Bed-In New Zealand: it costs NZ$20 per month
star: that's the longest i have gone also
Bed-In New Zealand: why did you do it?
CAMI: nice rec. andy ?
jaceee: well, okay, I gotta head out to lunch, (hope you aren’t hungry yet...) later
Bed-In New Zealand: rec.?
star: cool
star: hello kids
Bed-In New Zealand: where are you?
star: me
star: hawaii
star: maui
Bed-In New Zealand: how did you find this group?
star: like i said
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry, it gets confusing
star: i was just looking around and i found you
CAMI: hi again
CAMI: i cut out
star: so... do you have any help with your fast
star: sorry
star: cant type to welllllljsj
CAMI: wla ?
star: son of a Bush
CAMI: hai thier
star: howdy
Bed-In New Zealand: sorry, we were doing something else. does anyone know how to get a popup server announcement on ivisist
wla: who is there?
star: no
star: what do you mean
(removed private text fromwla)
star: like an instant message
Bed-In New Zealand: helllo wla, we're fasting for world peace
star: i think you can find people pretty easy
star: i would join you guys in your fast but i work in a hospital ........i need to function
star: you 2 make me long for my bed a my wife
star: what do you guys have here an ibook
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, we have an ibook. where is your wife?
star: in bed
star: i just got home from work
Bed-In New Zealand: why don't you join her if you long for her?
star: good point my man
star: i am all wired from work i'm not ready for quite yet
Bed-In New Zealand: understandable. what is your take on the situation in afghanistan?
star: ready for bed
star: well i think is goes much deep tan any one realizes
Bed-In New Zealand: you mean the terrorist threat?
star: this starts back during the nazi's empire with the sudis and standard oil (bush family)
Bed-In New Zealand: can you explain more?
Bed-In New Zealand: hi b-j, what's up?
star: i started typing up a whole paper but stopped myself
Bed-In New Zealand: why?
Bluejeans: Oh just came in to say hello
star: it's probably better if i just direct you to some sites
star: well it......ican talk story alittle
star: which part shall we cover first
Bed-In New Zealand: start with the nazi's
star: do you know much about standard oil
Bed-In New Zealand: a little - it was very big and then got broken up?
Bed-In New Zealand: hey b-j, love your pink lighting
Bed-In New Zealand: male 22 - what do you think of terrorism?
star: Tysen famly, hitler's right hand finance man, and Walker Family, standard oil/unionbank etc...
star: vacations together
Bed-In New Zealand: ok, go one...
star: ww2 almost over
Bed-In New Zealand: ye...
(removed private text from w22)
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, we're fasting for world peace - to find out more, go to
chaos: quiet here
chaos: stil not sleeping ???
NYC:ToniSant: zzz
chaos: he nyc jour musik
Bed-In New Zealand: hanging in there
NYC:ToniSant: zzz
chaos: so much beter
NYC:ToniSant: hi andy and amy
NYC:ToniSant: greetings from NYC
Bed-In New Zealand: hi toni greetings from NZ
NYC:ToniSant: i'm planning to do this with you as much as possible
NYC:ToniSant: i was hoping to see more people here
NYC:ToniSant: but i guess it's still a little early, right?
Bed-In New Zealand: that's great... well, its late here... how have things been for you in NY
NYC:ToniSant: i've never used iVisit before but i'm getting the hang of it.
NYC:ToniSant: i just woke's 8:30am here.
NYC:ToniSant: the anthrax situation has gripped the city...big time!
Bed-In New Zealand: nor have we, we're disappointed with the sound, but we only have a modem
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, allow tho rudi is playing it cool i read
NYC:ToniSant: i mean the fear is sky-high...but the number of cases is still small, albeit rising.
NYC:ToniSant: i haven't tried the audio...but will do later.
NYC:ToniSant: is this a sleep time for you in NZ?
(removed private text from napoli boy)
Bed-In New Zealand:
sorry, this is not that kind of room
Bed-In New Zealand: we're fasting for world peace, won't you join us?
NYC:ToniSant: i don't understand what you mean by "not that kind of room"
NYC:ToniSant: are you planning on not sleeping for 2 days?
Bed-In New Zealand: its weird, just get these people passing through looking for sex - guess its better than many other things
NYC:ToniSant: i c
Bed-In New Zealand: i don't think i'll make it
NYC:ToniSant: for a moment i thought you were talking to me...sorry -
NYC:ToniSant: yes, i've heard about sex-seekers on iVisit.
Bed-In New Zealand: then there's the misunderstandings - i was talking to napoli boy!
NYC:ToniSant: i never even saw napoli boy
NYC:ToniSant: mmm...
NYC:ToniSant: like i said, i'm still trying to figure out iVisit
Bed-In New Zealand: he was quick - i think he just wanted to connect to the bed-in - got to admit it does sound a little sexy
Bed-In New Zealand: what's the pic on your cam
NYC:ToniSant: yep! that sort of stuff happens in or around beds most of the time doesn't it.
NYC:ToniSant: ?
NYC:ToniSant: that's my room...
NYC:ToniSant: i'm not pointing the cam on me yet.
NYC:ToniSant: i'm still naked...
Bed-In New Zealand: i c
NYC:ToniSant: and i don't want to give people the wrong impression.
Bed-In New Zealand: oh no
NYC:ToniSant: i'll put some bed clothes on very soon...promise.
Bed-In New Zealand: where did you hear about this event?
NYC:ToniSant: i got an email from a friend who has friends in NZ
NYC:ToniSant: i'm an online i'm bound to be attracted to this sort of thing.
NYC:ToniSant: my friend and i are both affiliated to the department of performance studies at new york university
Bed-In New Zealand: we've had a whole slew of reactions to it : from brilliant to pathetic
Bed-In New Zealand: do you know anna mccarthy in the film dept
NYC:ToniSant: i got some interesting reactions too when i told people about it.
Bed-In New Zealand: like what?
NYC:ToniSant: well...
NYC:ToniSant: my co-workers (online junkies too!) couldn't get it at first...
NYC:ToniSant: they said: "what's the point?"
Bed-In New Zealand: good question, we're asking ourselves that... we felt so powerless
NYC:ToniSant: and my wife (NOT an online junkie) asked if i'd be away from her all weekend.
NYC:ToniSant: but...
NYC:ToniSant: there's much more to this bed-in than meets the eye.
Bed-In New Zealand: oh ye...
NYC:ToniSant: i understand that you are artists...
Bed-In New Zealand: yes
NYC:ToniSant: what kind of art do you do?
NYC:ToniSant: are you performance artists?
Bed-In New Zealand: not exactly...
Bed-In New Zealand: although all my work involves interventions in public space - sometimes personal ones...
Bed-In New Zealand: amy is a visual artist writer and educator
NYC:ToniSant: i c
Bed-In New Zealand: i started a group called together we can defeat capitalism
NYC:ToniSant: i saw the website
Bed-In New Zealand: you know, "culture jamming" type stuff
NYC:ToniSant: absolutely
NYC:ToniSant: i see this bed-in as a performance...
NYC:ToniSant: in more ways than one.
NYC:ToniSant: i'd love to talk with you and amy about this.
NYC:ToniSant: maybe not right this second...
NYC:ToniSant: but later, for sure.
Bed-In New Zealand: sure, well here we are!
CAMI: hai
CAMI: remember me
Bed-In New Zealand: toni - Ok later...
Bed-In New Zealand: o hi
NYC:ToniSant: ok. let me make myself a little more presentable for the cam-
Bed-In New Zealand: right on
NYC:ToniSant: brb
Bed-In New Zealand: hey cami who's in your still?
Bed-In New Zealand:
what time is it in korea?
Bed-In New Zealand: funny, i guess we're all just looking at each other...
Bed-In New Zealand: and at ourselves
NYC:ToniSant: in my case this is better than TV
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, its fascinating...
CAMI: andy
CAMI: where is amy gone
Bed-In New Zealand: yes cami
Bed-In New Zealand: amy is asleep to my left
Bed-In New Zealand: cami, you are in korea?
CAMI: yep
CAMI: why ?
Bed-In New Zealand: was wondering what people were saying about the recent events in NY and afghanistan
CAMI: you meen korean
Bed-In New Zealand: yes
CAMI: well
CAMI: i am israely
CAMI: i have mostly foriegn friend
CAMI: off course all shocked and mourn
CAMI: any way
CAMI: the Korean i know are updated all right
CAMI: and wish for prosperity by peace
Bed-In New Zealand: shocked about the terrorism, the bombing of kabul, or both?
CAMI: more about the WTC mess
CAMI: every body do understand the inorder to getrid of terorr ther is 2 waays
Bed-In New Zealand: yes, its very shocking... i still find it hard to believe it happened...
Bed-In New Zealand: it seems so much like a disaster movie
*** Bed-In New Zealand has removed NYC:ToniSant ***
Bed-In New Zealand:
hey no we didn't!!
NYC:ToniSant: i'm still here
NYC:ToniSant: what happened?
Bed-In New Zealand: dunno... no matter...
NYC:ToniSant: mmm...
NYC:ToniSant: interesting
Bed-In New Zealand: i was going to say how beautiful your apt looks - i have it on a large size..
Bed-In New Zealand: it looks very atmospheric
NYC:ToniSant: i'm trying to attract some traffic.
NYC:ToniSant: thank you...
Bed-In New Zealand: highly pixelated
NYC:ToniSant: it is quite atmospheric actually-
NYC:ToniSant: i live in an islamic neighborhood too...
Bed-In New Zealand: can you gauge the feeling there?
NYC:ToniSant: so you can image what it's like outside my apartment too.
NYC:ToniSant: absolutely!
Bed-In New Zealand: and...
NYC:ToniSant: and i can sum it up in one four-letter word...
NYC:ToniSant: FEAR
NYC:ToniSant: we're all scared...very scared.
NYC:ToniSant: the scares from the WTC attack are still very fresh
Bed-In New Zealand: I guess being in NZ, we can't understand the level of fear in the USA
NYC:ToniSant: and we are not immune to the ongoing anthrax situation either
NYC:ToniSant: racism, patriotism, and many other isms are all over the place
NYC:ToniSant: it's quite intense here.
NYC:ToniSant: there isn't any mass hysteria or panic...
NYC:ToniSant: but the air is very tense
NYC:ToniSant: i'll tell you more in a minute.
NYC:ToniSant: brb
Bed-In New Zealand: brb?
Bed-In New Zealand: or sorry
NYC:ToniSant: right back :-)
NYC:ToniSant: brb
NYC:ToniSant: junkie jargon.
jaceee: well, hey, i'm back.. from lunch and 3000 meter swim. snowing today, first of winter.
jaceee: so, how's it going?
jaceee: gettin' late, I guess
jaceee: I have a lot of disconnected windows on the screen
jaceee: looks like many have popped through
Bed-In New Zealand: i'm still here, but failing fast...
Bed-In New Zealand: 3000m is not bad! I’ve worked up to 1000m, but really want to do a mile, about 2000m i think
jaceee: hmmm. how to stay awake? it's not so easy. 66x25 meters, I think -- 88x25 yards, something like that
jaceee: how long are you two in NZ for -- you sounded like a kiwi, right?
Bed-In New Zealand: we got here in july and leave in Dec. I am USA/UK and amy is USA
NYC:ToniSant: andy...
jaceee: but you are only there temp now, on this residency?
Bed-In New Zealand: yes