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This is the text from the bed-in for peace october 19-21 2001. It has been edited only in order to be read more easily Private text has been removed and sound elements have not been included. We have not removed all the casual "chat" because we believe this is part of the experience of real-time online communication. The welcome to the bed-in text has been abbreviated after the first few welcomes.

We divided the 150 pages of text into twelve segments, based on size, and theme. Where available, the nationalities of the participants in the segments is given.


New Zealand, Finland, Mexico, France, Palestine, USA (Hawaii, New York), Korea

ivisit, internet chat, peace, anthrax, bed-in as performance


New Zealand, Finland, Malta, USA (Hawaii, New York, Georgia, Iowa), Korea

fear in NY, cellular automata and change, web as open medium, public v private content, problem of ego, fasting, nature of online communication, CDC, living for the moment, anthrax, fear as vicious circle, nature of justice


New Zealand, Italy (Milan), Brazil, Spain (Ibiza), Finland, Holland, France, Chile, USA (New York, Iowa, New Jersey, Texas, San Francisco, Hawaii)

personal action, terrorism, Bin Laden, Hitler, Islam, conspiracy theories, problems with ivisit


New Zealand, Spain (Ibiza), Palestine, USA (Florida, Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Alaska), Canada, Austria, Holland

conspiracy theories, Bush's tiny brain, news from NYC, news from Kabul, Taleban, performance art, art and life, web as open medium, Las Vegas, sex and peace, reasons for bed-in, media coverage, solutions to terrorism, adbusters, update on status of bed-in and fast


New Zealand, USA (San Francisco, Florida, Arizona, Iowa), Canada, Hong Kong

anthrax, attacks on Planned Parenthood, addressing terrorism without force, the left response, G.W. Bush, Salman Rushdie's response, nuclear threat, art and art funding, fasting, media coverage, utopian societies, art and life, Sunera Thobani article


New Zealand, USA (San Francisco, Florida), Israel, Holland, Japan, Italy, France, Spain (Ibiza), Pakistan (Islamabad), Finland, Australia (Brisbane)

the media, the mainstream, US terrorism, miniskirts and bacon sandwiches, Rumsfeld, Palestine, feelings in Pakistan, problems in Afghanistan, Osama's guilt, being "against" terrorism


UK, New Zealand, Finland, Pakistan, Australia, Belgium, Spain, USA (New York), Holland

futility of bombing, Osama and the Taleban, Islam, plight of the Afghan people, USA is the problem, West/East duality, greed, good wishes, nature of the US people


New Zealand, Holland, Australia, Pakistan, USA (Midwest), Finland, Germany

ideas for peace, personal change, Bush and Bin Laden, good and evil, power and petrol, freedom, ego, and America, Reagan, waning of the American Age, Osama as a lost soul


USA (Florida, New York, Iowa, Boston), Pakistan, Spain, France, UK, Austria

Midwest, dying for your country, violence is not the solution, why do they hate America?, COINTELPRO, mood in Pakistan, civilian casualties, food and bombs, false histories, US foreign policy, capitalism, power, ego and money, aggressiveness, money and war, US military


New Zealand, UK, USA (Flordia, New York, San Francisco), Italy, Holland, France

celebs, Tony Blair, is war ever justified?, evil, Gandhi, passive resistance, religion, politics, addressing WTC without violence, myth of the clean war, Malta, Edward Said, public opinions, course of the war, motives for bed-in, a moment in the process of peace, community, Marina Abromovic


New Zealand, UK, USA (Florida, California, New York, Iowa, Alaska, Oregon), UK, Spain, France

support for Bin Laden, response to support, extreme options, the extermination solution, mood in Oregon, patriotism, flags, war as retaliation, feelings in Spain, religion, capitalism as religion, black and white and gray, religion and death, visit from ivisit admin


New Zealand, USA (Flordia, California, etc), Canada, Mexico, Spain, Pakistan, Brunei

justice v retaliation, fasting and inward change, inevitability of world peace, peace = no imperialism, god, art and crisis and money, food not bombs, action v despair, war as the easy way out, civil liberties and terrorism, capitalism, freedom and captialism, redistribution of power, a lawyer's reaction, closing thoughts and thanks