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This is the page inviting people to participate in Bed-In #1. It could be used as a template by others who wish to do their own bed-in and conference.


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For live video see instructions below for video conferencing

In response to the events in the USA and Afghanistan, artists Amy Berk and Andy Cox, currently in residence at New Pacific Studio, New Zealand, will be staying in bed, fasting, and meditating on world peace for 48 hours.

We invite you to join us (in bed or not) for any or all of this 48-hour event using the free IVISIT video conference application. Conduct your own bed-in and/or fast and share your thoughts over the internet.

Video Conference Instructions

To participate you need the ivisit video conference application:

1) go to
2) click on download
3) follow the instructions to download and install the software (only 600k)
4) plug in your microphone and/or web cam (optional)

Once you have installed ivisit, launch the application, open the directory window (if not open):
click on "iVisit World"
click on "Oceania"
then on "New Zealand"
then select "Bed-In for Peace" and click on join at the bottom of the directory window to join the conference.

If you have a webcam and mike you can video conference with us and others. If you don't, you can still view the event and correspond by text. It's very easy. Straightforward instructions come with the ivisit application. See you online!

Global timings coinciding with our 48 hour live webcast and conference are:

Masterton: 8 pm Fri 19th Oct to 8 pm Sun 21st Oct
San Francisco: 12 am Fri 19th Oct to 12 am Sun 21st Oct
New York: 3 am Fri 19th Oct to 3 am Sun 21st Oct
Rio de Janeiro: 5 am Fri 19th Oct to 5 am, Sun 21st Oct
London: 8 am Fri 19th Oct to 8 am Sun 21st Oct
Moscow: 11 am Fri 19th Oct to 11 am Sun 21st Oct
Kabul: 11:30 am Fri 19th Oct to 11:30 am Sun 21st Oct
Bangkok: 2 pm Fri 19th Oct to 2 pm Sun 21st Oct


tel in New Zealand: +64-6-375-8441

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